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Why taking Portraits is important?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

We often don’t realise the importance of personal and family portraits until it is too late.

Family portrait of four smiling family members, wearing leather jackets, jeans and leather trousers sitting on black chairs in a photo studio opposite white background. Father, mother, sister and brother taking a family portrait.
Family reunion portrait

Time flies. Our kids are growing up too fast, we are losing people close to us, we are forgetting what it was like being 16, 30, 50, 60…

We look to our photographs and video records to help us remember.

Portrait sessions are a great way to document important life events and major milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, engagements, personal achievements, etc.), to celebrate a growing family and family reunions, or just because!

Photo and video records are the proofs of our existence. They are our memories and connections with family and our own history. They are our Legacy.

When a long lost picture or family video is found, it brings back your memory of that moment. You may not remember what happened the previous day or the day after, but you will remember everything that happened at the time of that picture or video was taken.

When I look at my family photos, I see people I loved, love and will always love.

I see their changes over the years. I see their evolution from little girls and boys to beautiful

young people to wise mature adults. Some of them are not with me anymore and others are living far away, but I can still connect with them through these images. I look at them and I see my family history. I feel like I am with them when watching family videos.

But some from the family have very few photos of them and even fewer video records.

Some are missing completely. It feels like part of me is missing too.

No matter how old you think you are, no matter how overweight you think you are,

Don’t let life pass and look back, wondering why you didn’t take the time to have your portrait taken.

Don’t make excuses or put it off any longer. If you’ve been thinking about having a personal or family portrait taken, do it now. Get your hair and makeup done, look how beautiful you are and enjoy the incredible experience of your family and your own portrait session. And don’t forget to book a night out after the photoshoot, because you will look and feel amazing on the day!

I would love to be your photographer to take the most amazing, beautiful images of you, so that you can cherish this for the rest of your life.

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