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Individual Portraits

We specialize in creating beautiful, timeless images that you'll treasure for a lifetime. From candid shots to posed portraits, we'll work with you to create memories that last forever!

PORTRAIT Galleries

Browse through our Portrait Galleries and choose your style 


High-End Creative Portrait

Main Features: In-Studio Experience. Photos in this style appear to be high-profile, timeless and super stunning. Hand-painted Professional Canvas backdrops. Often used by high-end photographers for Hollywood and Vanity Fair style shoots. Each backdrop is a piece of art with a unique texture, that together with multi-layer lighting creates the feel of old master paintings.


Clean and Simple Portrait

Main Features: In-Studio Experience. Light and Airy images with a very crisp look. Backlight, white, or light beige backgrounds create a minimalistic and uncluttered contemporary look of refined elegance.


On-Location Editorial Style

Main Features: On-Location Experience. Colorful or B&W images are created with a combination of natural and studio lighting. These photo sessions happen either outdoors (like at the beach or in the city setting), or in any other specific location, outside of the studio. The aim is to create images telling a "visual story" rather than just a portrait.