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My Body. My Story


45 Over 45 chapter

To celebrate rule breakers and role models - 

the women who inspire us to live life our way,

and to show their SENSUALITY,  BEAUTY, STRENGTH, and TRUE ESSENCE through my lens!

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About  the Project

Advertising poster of My Body My Story, 45 Over 45 chapter photo exhibition project featuring a mature short hair blond Woman wearing black long-sleeved Turtleneck sweater and big black earrings sitting on the floor in a glamour model pose hugging her bare legs opposite a dark grey hand-made Gravity backdrop, looking straight to the camera

The Idea

My Body. My Story - 45 Over 45

is a project, inviting 45 women to join me on the adventure 


  • to share the common bond of being 45+ years old;

  • to show the World that SENSUALITY has NO AGE or SIZE;

  • to reconnect with yourself and accept your body for the beauty it is NOW, and see the essence of you!

  • to stand tall and appreciate every scar, every line, every dimple, and every grey hair;

  • to give the every-day woman an unforgettable celebrity-style magazine cover photoshoot experience, resulting in a PRINTED Magazine featuring YOUR photo and About you page, along with all the 45Over45 participants' photos and their stories;

  • to share life stories of us, the rule-breakers, and role models - the women who inspire others to live life their way.

The reality of getting older isn’t an option, but choosing how we view it certainly is.

What Project Participants Are Saying



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Where does the photoshoot take place?

The photoshoot takes place at our George Street studio

George Street, Sydney CBD,

2000 NSW, Australia

About  Me

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I am Aleksandra Walker - a creative portrait photographer. My passion for editorial and fashion photographs helped me to evolve into a unique style which I call Sensual Portrait Photography.


​This year I turned 46 and considering what the aging process does to our bodies and minds, I agree with Bette Davis that “Getting old ain’t for sissies”! The reality of getting older isn’t an option but choosing how we view it certainly is.

I photographed many women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s for their Sensual Portraits. I watched the evolution of a woman’s sensuality with age.

Now, when I am slowly approaching my 50s I can clearly see not only the difference between my 20 years old body and now (mostly not in my favor), but also an amazing transformation of my sensual self.


My smile is softer. My eyes see deeper. My movements reflect confidence. I am more relaxed and fearless. My focus is on myself, rather than others. Now is my time. And I want to imprint this in my photographs.