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Episode 69 – Kelly | My Body. My Story PODCAST| 45 Over 45 chapter

In this episode, you will learn 10 FACTS about Kelly M, what age she would like to go back to and what advice she would give herself at that age! We also talk about the main causes of body image issues, how they come up and how she overcomes them. And we discuss what aging means to her and to her body.

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10 Facts About Kelly M

(at the time of the project)

1. 48 years old.

2. Kelly was born in Western Sydney and lived in Sydney all her life.

3. Kelly has an amazing 21-year-old daughter.

4. Kelly is an animal, communicator and healer. She talks to animals using energy, telepathically and helps them with different issues.

5. Kelly works with glaucoma Australia, she is one of their ambassadors. She was born with congenital glaucoma which is an eye condition, and it is quite rare to be born with it. She had surgery on her eyes at six months of age.

6. Kelly’s favourite colour is blue, but she also loves pink and purple.

7. Kelly is a big feeler and just everything that she does, she really sits with and feels with her heart.

8. Kelly very much loves consistency. She likes to have a place for everything. So she’s very organised.

9. 10 years ago Kelly started learning belly dance to embrace her body and her sensuality.

10. Kelly does not give up easily. She always has been determined, even as a small child and she would get things done.

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Hi, you're listening to the My Body, My Story podcast.

I work with my body the best way I can. And I have always been always taking care of my body physically. So I feel like working on it emotionally and working on the inside of yourself is also important.

This is the 45 over 45 chapter where we celebrate Rule Breakers and role models, the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show their sensuality beauty, soul, and true essence. Here we talk about what it's like to be 45 Plus, adjusting to the changes that come with time, and we listened to the stories about participants. If you have an interesting story, we'd love for you to participate. You can email us at That's Aleksandra spelled with a K S. Or visit our website

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my body, My Story project. And here with us today, Kelly in the studio. And while she's sitting in the makeup chair, and Nicole is doing makeup for her, I'll be asking her a few questions. Hi, Kelly. Hi, welcome. And let's start and tell us 10 facts about yourself.

Well, I My name is Kelly and I am 48 years old. And I have lived in Sydney all my life. I was born in Western Sydney, and very proud to live in Sydney and I love it.

So it's your favourite city in Australia?

Yeah, I think we have the most beautiful Harbour. Yeah, I do. I love it.

So what do you do?

I'm I actually am an animal, communicator and healer.

Oh, wow. What is this?

I talk to animals using energy. So telepathically and I help them with different issues like any life stresses that we would like a human would go through the animal does as well. So for instance, if people are moving home or your animal, like the animal is sick, I like also passed over animals. So I talked to them and help them through that and give them healing as well.

So how did you come to that?

It's a really, it's quite, it's a long story, but I'll condense it more. I've always been quite a sensitive person and very much into animal and human behaviour. So just through my spiritual journey, and learning more about myself, I started with a lot of different mentors. And that led me to do animal communication. So I have done psychic development as well. Yeah, and animal communication is like, the icing on the cake. For me. It's like being able to help people. So I have a very, very empathetic and compassionate person. So I love that I'm able to use that with my work.

So what animal you work with?

I work with all animals. Predominantly, it would be cats and dogs. So domestic animals I work with, I can talk to any animal and I have through my journey, but obviously, for work and with my clients it is domestic animals. And it would be mainly dogs, cats, horses have talked to birds. rabbits, guinea pigs.

Wow. What was the most exotic animal you have communicated with?

Oh, yeah, out like through just in the environment and just out in nature. I talked to a lot of birds and even like sea creatures, they love dolphins. Crocodiles, or. Yeah, so

Do you hear them as well or you just communicate your energy and like how this this process looks like?

So I actually use all of my senses. So yeah, I it's not like hearing like, we hear a person's voice as such, but I do hear through like, like telepathically, so I wouldn't maybe hear a sound like you know their voice but it would be like you know, just I would hear it if that makes sense. And and I do get visuals so I can see as well. Yeah, that's how they Talk to me and I can also smell and taste not not as much those senses. I don't use as much, but I do use them. Yeah. And yeah, so seeing hearing and feeling as well. So it's an essay, so I often feel how they feel, because I am an empath myself. So it's something that as a child, I just did, automatically and learnt not to take it on. But obviously with work, I do that and then I able to clear it out. So,

so are you a dog person or cat person?

It's an interesting question. And I feel like I don't have a favourite out of both. I just love them all so much. Equally. They are different. And then each and like each dog and cat has their own personality as well. Because there are a lot of cats that are actually very dog like, I'd say my cat is very doglike as well. So I love them both equally. I really don't have a favourite Honestly, even through my work, but you own the cat. But yeah, I own a cat and a dog. And I've had goats and chickens and ducks. And yeah, I've had a lot of mice as a child. So I've had a lot of different animals. And I love them all equally. To be honest. I really can't say I have a favourite out of them. If we go to wild animals, I love birds. So I'm very drawn to birds. So I'd say that would be my favourite wild animal. Yeah.

So you could have been.. What is this? ornithologist? What's the name of the person who studies birds? ornithologist?

That's interesting. I don't know, actually. But I'll have to look into that. Yeah, I get a lot of messages from birds as well. And signs from spirit and things like that. So for me, it's very much like my spirit animal. Chatting is very interesting.

So do you work as .. is it own business?

Yes, I it is my own business.

So if someone wants to find you and work with you how they can find you. Do you have a website?

Yes, I have a website. And my it's my business name is Kelly's animal communication. And my web. So that's my website would be And all of my services are listed on there. And I'm able to work worldwide. Actually, I'm not limited to just in person because I can work through a photo as well. So I do have clients all around the world that I work with, which is amazing. Yeah, I'm very blessed.

What countries also you work in?

the Netherlands? The UK? America, New Zealand.

Wow. So it's worldwide?

Yes. Worldwide? Yeah. Um, yeah, I'm super blessed to be able to, and I love all my clients. They're all just amazing. I feel blessed to have them. Yeah, as well.

That's excellent. So, okay. I'm not sure that we still have 10 facts about you. Let's try and explore you a bit more. So I'll ask you, like, do you have anything on the top of your mind that you want to share with us?

Yeah, well, I was actually born with congenital glaucoma. So that's an eye condition. And it is quite rare to be born with it. And my mum was quite determined, because she felt something was wrong with me. So she did have to go to several doctors, she actually went to three and the third one believed that something was wrong with me. And I had surgery on my eyes at six months of age. And I am partially blind in my right eye. It has not changed since I was a child. Because I do use like eyedrops and get my eyes checked. So that's quite an interesting fact. And then I'm I also work with glaucoma Australia, I am one of their ambassadors. So I'm very honoured to be able to do that and raise awareness of how important it is to check our eyes. So yeah, that's something that I'm very passionate about. And I feel because of having that condition, I really embrace my life even as a small child and very resilient and just embrace. I don't know that just the beauty in life and to be able to see everything is I'm just truly blessed to be able to do that. And so talking about being able to see I'd say my favourite colour is blue, but I also love pink and purple.

So yeah, well, I can see through the dresses.

Yeah, so yeah, I really yeah. And not only like with colours with me with everything that I do, it's all about feeling it as well because I'm a big feeler so yeah, just everything that I do I really sit with and feel with my heart. Is this what I want to do even with the colours of my clothes? Yeah, and things that I like to wear.

And you mentioned that you're consistent person. And when we spoke earlier that you like consistency?


I do. I very much love consistency. I love a place for, like, I do like to have a place for everything. So I'm very organised. Yes. And my mum will say the same. It's like, it was just innately in me like to be very organised even as a small child. Yeah. So.

But that that's, I've noticed with myself, and I'm just wondering if you have the same problem, like when the person is very organised, like I know. And so in psychology, people divided into two types. rationals, those who are organised and plan everything ahead. And irrationals, people who live by what do I feel like now? And they do that, and what I've learned that irrationals are the most effective people in the situation of unknown or changing environment or extreme situation where something changes dramatically, suddenly, they're able to gather themselves together and be very productive. And the same time rational people like you and me, are they get lost? Do you feel like in this situation, it's harder for you when something unpredictable happens, that how long it takes for you to gather yourself together and like, it doesn't distract you? Do you feel like your productivity drops with unknown?

Yeah, it's very, it's a really interesting question. I feel as though with age and experience and knowledge, I'm better able to adapt to things. So I feel like I'm in a bit of both worlds more now. So but yeah, it's, it's not something that I didn't embrace change as well, when I was younger as what I do now. So yeah, I would say I'm much better at managing it now.

So what if you already touch the subject of ageing? Next question, that what does ageing means to you

ageing, to me, I want to, I feel like I'm blessed to get to every age that I get to. I also, really, there's so many things I still want to learn and achieve. So I look at ageing as an exciting time. Because I'm able to do all the things that I want to do. And I feel like it may be not how maybe some people look at it as they I'm not fearful of it in the sense of I just, I'm excited about it to be able to get to that age and just inspire other people also, that even if you're a certain age, it doesn't stop you from doing what you want to do to just keep growing and keep getting just live your dreams out.

So if you could go back in any age of yours, what it would be and why. And what advice would you give yourself at this age?

That's such an interesting question as well. I there would be quite a few ages I would go back to but if we think about the biggest age, I would say, in my early teens, just to really go back and actually tell her how much that I love her. And that she's safe and nurtured and that she can achieve anything that she wants to. Yeah, and just love herself. Really be about the self love. I feel that's important. And embrace her uniqueness and being an individual.

Yeah. So they said like, you would go to a few different ages. So this first one is teen and then what are the others? They just you like?

Yeah, I would say about 25 Yeah, and again, embracing her dreams and not allowing anyone to stop her. Yeah, so no one allowing me to stop me from doing what I want to do. Yeah. Yeah. So and travel a little more.

So if your body could talk, what do you think it would ask you? Or tell you?

I actually do love talking to my body? So you should

if you're like, you probably have methods or what's called techniques. If you can talk to animals through empathetic, what would you call it?

In through? Yeah. Through and to through the telepathic, telepathic? Yes, yeah. And I've done a lot of different mentoring with teachers and things to really in tune in with my body. And yeah, if I have to tune in with those, I do need to be able to deal with myself. So just telling my body how much I love it and appreciate it. And I actually do read like little affirmations in the morning about different parts of my body, just thanking them for what they give me. Particularly my eyes is something that I've always talked to and be grateful. But I would say with age, embracing all parts, the very feminine side have a woman. Yeah, like, and just embracing that side, and celebrating it.

But that's what you would say to the, what your body would say to you.

What would my body say to me?

Yeah, or asked you

asked me. I would say, my body would ask me why I do certain things. Yeah. Why I worry about certain things. Yeah. And I think it would also be grateful that I do take care of it physically. And with age also, emotionally. And it would, would want me to continue doing that. And talk to it every day. And listen to it.

And what do you think, are the main causes of body image issues that people experience or women mainly?

Yeah, I feel this is a really important topic. I think comparing themselves to other people, and particularly images that aren't even real. And we all have different body types. And hearing other people speak negatively about themselves also, because I know that did affect me as a child. So I had to work through that. And I've, yeah, people just, it's important that we embrace how we each are because we all do have different body types.

And do you believe that negative body image can affect relationships like any relationship not only partnership, but friendship?

I actually do. Yes. And I have experienced it being very petite myself personally. I'm not tall or and I've always been quite petite. So yes, I actually experienced that even in my earlier years, and I didn't love being nice, the height I am and being petite.

And how it affects the relationship like for example, you don't like something about yourself. And then what happens

is you don't like yourself and then it also makes you not want to, as I've learned and embraced that we should that it's important to love everything about ourselves how it affects the relationships is that you I don't want to be around people that are like that.

If you have sometimes those body related insecurities How do you overcome them when they come up?

At is something I've worked on for many years and and even with age, I our body does continue to change. But what I do is just work with my body the best way I can and I have always been always taking care of my body physically. So I feel like working on it emotionally and working on the inside of yourself is also important

because sometimes it's more important.

It certainly is because when we embrace that I always feel like you know, our inner beauty shines, whatever we have and feel about ourselves on the inside actually does shine out to the outside. So I feel that that's really important and just Big to yourself. Like, I've done a lot of mirror work and things like that. And it took me time to do that took me many years. So to really look at myself in the mirror, and be able to love every part of me.

So it's a lot of spiritual work and psychological work on yourself more than, or I can't say more than physical, but together with physical so because sometimes we forget, do spiritual work like we do exercise and you know, we starve ourselves like dieting, exercising, while we are not in the very good state of mind, and it doesn't work. So no wonder that it doesn't work. So what I'm just do understand, right, that for you, the working on, like spiritually, or on your inner condition or how you feel it's is equal equally important as the physical. Absolutely taking care of your body.

Yeah, I absolutely agree with that. And I feel like, and I do all of those, like spiritually, mentally and emotionally and physically. And, yeah, I feel like they're all important. I do feel like sometimes, we may be a little bit more ahead with one I know, especially because I have worked with a lot of different mentors in certain areas. So then it'll be like, Okay, I've worked a little bit more on this, I need to go back and make sure that I'm still fitting that in as well. So I do try to fit all of that into it. And I feel it is important to do all of them.

And do you have this? Like, okay, you said that that's your way to bring yourself into body shape you want, but I'm wondering if it's the same way it used to be when you were younger? Has it changed? Like, is it the same way you did all your life? Or it changed with age?

And this is physically

like the way the way to bring your body? Your state of mind into shape? Yeah,

yeah. Physically, I haven't, I have changed it slightly, I would say I'm very careful about the exercises or what I do with my body more today to less to less impact it to, to keep it for the longevity, because I want to be able to be very physically active until the day that my body, you know, till I leave my physical body here on Earth. And so that has evolved. Yeah, in that way, but I do. Like, I still do some similar things. But yeah, I just make sure that I listen to my body as well.

Do you do to do yoga? Or like you go to gym? Free weights? Like I don't know.

Yeah, I do a mix. Yeah, I have done yoga, but also a belly dance. So that was something that I started on my journey as well, to really embrace my body and my sensuality.

Oh, wow.

Yeah. So I started doing that 10 years ago.

Oh, that's another interesting fact about you. Yeah, we nearly missed.

Yeah, it's that and that was very much I started to do that, too. That was part of my healing journey as well.

And it's a such a beautiful practice. Living 13 years in Middle East I like I watched this belly dance very often. And I was always wondering, oh, my God, how they can move their body, you know, like, the, the way you know, to it's you have to manage your body, you know, you need to know it to manage this way. And it's so beautiful. So and then I think it's quite physical, a physically challenging exercise, maybe in the beginning when you start. And obviously, you can release a lot of energy through those movements and, you know, express your emotions.

yeah, I really loved being able to learn. It did enable me to really learn to listen to my body. And it was quite challenging. It's not, definitely not. I've always loved belly dancing. And I do believe in past lives and things like that. So I probably have lived a life where I did what was very interested or in that era, yeah,

so your body remembers the movement.

Yeah, because even as a little child I used to, I just always wanted to do it. So But yeah, when I was sort of doing in my late 30s, and for me it was because I wanted to learn more about my body and I had looked into the healing aspect. So a lot of everything that I do is very much about how can it also help me evolve. So it was quite challenging learning some of the movements, and even my teacher, who I'm now friends with today, has said, Oh, you are so determined, and I am super determined. It's something even as a small child always been determined, and I will get things I will get it done. I don't give up easy. So yeah, I worked very hard to be able to, because it does mean loosening up of the body in certain areas where many women can have a lot of blocks or, and so that was also why I wanted to do it to really work through that feminine and connect with the feminine side. Yeah. And I do weights as well. But I mainly do that at home. And I've always done that. And I did do weights when I was younger as well. And I love walking. I don't I might run a little bit today, but I prefer walking, because I feel like it's less impact on my body. Yeah, so I can maintain to do that forever. And yeah, I love it's very important for me to support my emotions and the mind mentally as well to do exercise.

So my last question, and I love it, because we have so different answers, and sometimes they're similar. And it's what is your favourite quote about being a woman or saying or maybe your thought

I would say how I feel is that our, our beauty continues to grow as we age. And that's what I want to inspire other women to do as well and for myself, too. And, and that beauty is not just from the outside it is from the inside. And being a good role model for younger women as well. Yeah, that's

very important,

super important.

Excellent. Thank you, Kelly, thank you very much for your answers for sharing your story. And I hope you will enjoy the rest of the day and the photoshoot and it will be another chapter of your journey.

Thank you. I'm so excited and looking forward to

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