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Episode 67 – Diana | My Body. My Story PODCAST| 45 Over 45 chapter

In this episode, you will learn 10 FACTS about Diana\, what age she would like to go back to, and what advice she would give herself at that age! We also talk about the main causes of body image issues, how they come up and how she overcomes it. And we discuss what aging means to her and to her body.

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10 Facts About Diana

(at the time of the project)

1. 57 years old.

2. Diana was born in Sydney, Australia.

3. People will think that she comes from somewhere else, probably because of a little twang in her accent. But Diana is no fool Australian!

4. Diana has three wonderful daughters that are just absolutely everything to her.

5. In 2013 Diana and her daughters travelled to Hungary. Diana was the Australian genius coach, and they all became World Champions together.

6. Diana loves Hungary. And, she loves the Hilton on the Hill which is the most magical fairy tale castle she’s stayed in.

7. Diana has spent most of her life in the fitness industry and working towards wellness.

8. In 2018 Diana travelled to the North Pole, on a boat. She spent seven months in sea and raised a flag for planet Earth, which was to unite all our nations together

9. Diana is passionate about the age group of 15 to 25, where a lot of the grounding starts for developing your wellness for the rest of your life. So that's important age group to her.

10. And now she works in the marine industry - skipper boats on the harbour, which is also fun.

Watch Diana’s VIDEO interview HERE




Hi, you're listening to the My Body, My Story podcast.

Now I would like to see people become more accountable for their health and wellness. So that's a bit of emotion. I'm a bit passionate about the age group of 15 to 25.

This is the 45 over 45 chapter where we celebrate Rule Breakers and role models, the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show their sensuality beauty, soul, and true essence. Here we talk about what it's like to be 45 Plus, adjusting to the changes that come with time, and we listened to the stories about participants. If you have an interesting story, we'd love for you to participate. You can email us at That's Aleksandra spelt with a K S. Or visit our website

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my body My Story project today with us Diana in the studio. And while she's sitting in the makeup chair, and Citra is doing makeup for her. I'll be asking her a few questions. Hi, Diana.


welcome to the studio. Welcome to the projects. And let's start and tell us 10 facts about yourself.

Well, hi there. My name is Diana. And I'm 57. And I was born in Sydney, Australia. And interestingly, a lot of people will think that I do come from somewhere else. I'm not sure I must have a little twang in my accent or something. But I'm no fool Australian. And I have three wonderful daughters that are just absolutely everything to me, really. And we've shared a lot of experiences together.

how old they are?

the oldest is 29.

So they are adults

Yeah, yeah, they're all adult children.

And you share a lot.

Oh, yeah. Together, we have shared a lot of experiences, which has been fantastic. I tried to expose them to as much as I could to enhance their lives. And fortunately, it enhanced mine as well.

I am intrigued, what was these experiences?

in 2013, we we all travelled to Hungary, and I was the Australian genius coach and we all became World Champions together. So that was pretty exciting. But they've created their own accolades as well which, which is good.

So you went to Budapest?

Yes, yes, that would be probably my favourite city. I love Hungary. It's very beautiful. And, and I love the Hilton on the Hill is like the most magical fairytale castle I've stayed in really. We had some fun there as well in Slovenia, and Slovakia climbing the high tetras and really connecting with nature, which I found very beneficial. And I think they did now that they're a bit older as well, mind you that a lot of the time when we were walking, they wanted to be at the shops

Have you traveled by car between these countries?

Oh, yes,yes, we did. And so I've spent most of my life in the fitness industry and working towards wellness. And that that is really something I'm incredibly passionate about. I in 2018 travelled to the North Pole, on a boat, I spent seven months in sea and raised a flag for planet Earth, which was to unite all of our nations together. But for me, it was quite important to raise awareness with regard health and inspire the rest of the world towards greater health. So I'm had a fabulous time doing that. And I guess now I, I think soon after then we had COVID And I think actually, that has been a bit fortunate because a lot of people have become much more aware and they've spent more time in nature and getting connected with themselves which is a good thing. Now I would like to see people become more accountable for their health and wellness. So that's a bit of a mission. I'm bit passionate about the age group of 15 to 25. That's, that's broad, but that that would be where I think a lot of the grounding starts for, for developing your wellness for the rest of your life. So that's pretty important age group to me. Yeah, so I've worked for myself, I have a business body basics, personal training. And that's, that's how I brought up three children. And now I work in the marine industry. Yeah, that's interesting Skipper boats on the harbour, which is also fun. Yeah. So that's about me in a nutshell.

Wow, sounds very exciting. So what about this North Pole trip? Did you go with the group of people like, how did you get there?

Like, oh, yes, we, we left from Maduro, which is where I met the vessel. And there were 22 people from 10 different nationalities. And that included two children, the captain's children, five and seven at that time. So previously, well, I have a bachelor's degree in PHP, and I did do some teaching for the children, along with one of the other gentlemen on the vessel.

For how long it took the trip.

Well, Iwas at sea for seven months. I mean, we stopped in Port, as well, but the whole trip from Maduro, across the Northwest Passage. So across the top of Alaska, and Canada and into the US, and then across to Greenland, and then finished in Amsterdam, I saw some of the most beautiful scenery ever. It was, yeah, very spectacular in many areas. Crossing the ballot straight was the most treacherous part. And we had to wonder at some point whether we would actually make it out

was it dangerous?

very dangerous. Apparently, on the trip, somebody said that. More people have climbed Mount Everest then then completed the Northwest Passage. That was inspiring, because actually, we were the only vessel that made it in 2018. There were I think 49 vessels turned away from each direction. So we literally were very lucky to make it what

What is the main reason why they cannot go through?

Or the main reason is because the passage doesn't open up so it's heavily iced in and, and it just doesn't open a week before there was a vessel going from east to west. And they sank they had to be rescued. So we there was some dangerous scary times that that we experienced, and and so much ice that you just really have to be Be careful not to hit it, obviously, because that's going to damage your vessel. Yeah, yeah. Quite. Quite an experience. Fabulous captain, though. I felt very safe. With Captain Clemens from Germany.

Yeah, that's very interesting story. Wow. Oh, so one more interesting fact.

So now I just ride my motorbike everywhere. I don't have a car at the moment.

So is it like a first time you started riding motorbike or?

Ah, no, I did ride when I was in my 20s.

But you just now it's back to full time.

Full time on the bike now. So that's a little bit different. And I find it hard to travel with my SurfSki

Yeah, that's true. Okay, that's interesting Story. We didn't have anyone here who travelled the North Pole .. right north?

Oh, yeah. No, not the South. Most people go to Antarctica, but this was up north. I mean, our mission was to get right to the North Pole. We couldn't get any further north than we did, but it was fairly close. As to the North Pole.

That's really wild story. Okay, let's talk because you were in the fitness industry, and you probably know about this subject more than anybody else about body and ageing. And the first question I want to ask is, What does ageing mean means to you?

Ageing to me means well, it, it just is, it's inevitable, it's going to happen. And, and I don't really think about it too much, I am still able to do all the things that I want to do. And that's always going to be important to me. So, I didn't really I try not to consider ageing too much, even though it just happens in the background.

But do you feel any changes in your body with age and or like something which indicates that you are ageing?

Something that indicates that I'm ageing? Well, I guess I guess I look older, I've got a few more wrinkles my skin is dry, but I've always had dry skin. So ya know, I, I guess I can see a few grey hairs coming through. But that's just I try to maintain as natural and Outlook as possible. So.

So it’s more of a look, not how you feel.. but you feel great.

Oh, yes, I feel great. And I know, I don't really feel older.

That's great. That's great. Super so. But if you could go back to any age, what it would be? And why.

Yes, thought about this, I probably would go back to 19. And think I think I liked that age. It's sort of where it all starts. And I can just start again. So if I keep going back to 19, then I just keep starting again.

what advice would you give yourself at this age?

Oh, to be much more. Much more confident. And just to trust myself more and, and, you know, keep having fun with it. Don't doubt what you're doing quite so much. It doesn't just do whatever you want. And, and live?

That's a good advice. Just leave? Yes. So if your body could talk, what do you think it would ask or tell you?

My body talks all the time. And I think more importantly, is that we listen. And so yeah, I spend I do spend time listening to my body. And it does talk everybody's body talks to them. And so it's important to listen to what it's saying. And then act on it. So there's a message there. Most times, if you look a bit more deeply, then you'll get a message and then you can take effective action.

And what do you think are the main causes of body image issues?

I think it starts quite early. So you know, it could come in the household, it could come from friends. But I guess ultimately, it comes from the advertising and the impact that's coming from magazines, social media, television, the you know, what people are seeing and what they're reading, as they're starting to develop and the the amount of comfort that they have as they're developing because it's important to understand that your body is going to change. And the more comfortable you can be with those changes rather than trying to change what is changing, then that's going to be how you're feeling more comfortable and accepting your body making the differences.

So you mentioned that you work or like working with age group of 15 to 20 to 22. So what do think their main.. Have you noticed any, like, major issues they are experiencing .. this age group, like the young ones

Yeah, I think I think they're definitely starting way too young to think that they can change themselves with, with less natural behaviours. So rather than accepting who they are, and then going deep within and, and realising that they're, they're special no matter what, but they're also trying to add, it's very acceptable now to change yourself. You know, artificially, and I think more and more young people are doing that, rather than accepting themselves. Without those changes. It's sort of an A new age, that is very acceptable to everyone, but actually, it's not really very acceptable. Because later on in life, those changes that you've made, if they're quite substantial, artificially, that they're going to have an impact on, on your body, and you're still going to have to at some point, except now that you changed your natural state, you know, we're all gifted with you know, the hair colour, the eyes, the look that we are a born with, and and develops, and the more natural or more accepting that you can be of your own self, then that means that you will, I think age more, more effectively, and accept yourself more and more.

I agree with you, but what do you think is the solution for them, because that's gonna take them another 20 years, until they reach this state of mind that they don't care about others opinion or the accepting themselves more, but what can they do at that age, it's 15-25, like, when they start having this kind of doubts or body issues, like, What's the best advice for them?

I think, really, they can, there's a few things, I think it's at that time that it's important to start working on your health, and working on your wellness, which I don't like to harp on it fitness, but you have the opportunity when you're young, to, to, to bounce back and, and to push yourself a little bit further in in many areas. So, you know, maybe, rather than giving in quite so soon, believe a little bit more in yourself and find the strength from within rather than giving up quite so soon. And, and then if you give up for too long, then it almost becomes overwhelming. And you find yourself in a space where everything is now way harder. So I think as you start to see some changes happening you can create the the self that you want to be from an early age and be kinder be kinder to each other be kinder to your friends, because actually, we're all going through the same thing at that age, but you know, in oftentimes, it's your it's your friends that are less nice than you would like them to be.

That's true sometimes that your reference group, just the cause of most of your insecurities, or, or otherwise support that they are the one who's supposed to support you sometimes the biggest cause of your insecurities. That's the funny thing. Yeah, maybe unwillingly, not like,

Oh, yes. I mean, it's it becomes like a joke. But then when you're young and impressionable. Everything isn't a joke. Sometimes it goes a little deeper. So you might laugh on the surface, but then actually, oh my gosh, my friend actually said that. Yeah.

And do you believe that negative body image can affect relationships?

Yes, I do. I think I think it can come not only you know, whenever you don't feel good enough about yourself. Even if you don't feel as affluent as your friend, then all of those things can come together to affect a relationship. So, really, that comes again to looking deep within and accepting yourself so that you realise that we're all really the same. We're all born from this tiny little seed and, and it's all of our behaviours are learned and experienced. So, you know, choosing, choosing some of your experiences can allow the changes that you want to happen. Yeah, I think I think it does affect relationships, though.

So, if you have any, or sometimes we all have, at least once in the lifetime, some body related insecurities, how do you overcome them, when they come up?

Ah, well, I try to get, I've tried to know myself in an very in depth way. So by understanding your body more and more, then you can see the changes, but you can also go within and, and make changes if you want to. So I think I think that does come by knowing yourself very well, you know, knowing how you're going to behave in a situation, knowing that if you wear a certain outfit, it's going to, you know, draw this type of attention, you know, even how you want to feel at that occasion, it does make a difference what you're wearing to that occasion. So, I think, I think getting to know yourself is the most important thing that you can do. And the more you know yourself from an earlier age, and how even how clothes feel on you how you feel about yourself how you feel like you fit into that situation, or how you look, I think that that makes a very big difference.

That's a very good observation. So I know you're in great shape. And probably you don't have that many issues with that. But still, sometimes they look even we feel okay, I need to get rid of 500 grammes or something. So do you have ways to bring yourself into the body shape you want? And the main mind the other part of this question, Has it changed with age those ways?

Oh, yes, definitely. i Yes, there was a time when I wanted to be fitter and stronger. So then you do more to make yourself be that by working harder or whatever. Mostly, I like having fun. So And fortunately, for me, exercise is fun. So I don't mind doing it or working hard. But I actually have been so fit in the past that I realised that I was less healthy than I wanted to be. So I have actively had to do less exercise over the years, so that I would be more healthy. I think that there is a time when you have to realise that just the right amount of exercise is necessary for your, your body, your time of life, your the experiences that you're looking to have. So that yeah, I've had to make some changes.

So sometimes you need less exercise than you used to do. Like if you were if you were very active physically, in the younger age, then when you getting older you have to be more gentle on yourself and you know, reduce the amount of stress to your body. Yes. Is that what you're saying?

Yes, absolutely.

So my last question, I'm favourite one. What's your favourite quote about being a woman or maybe it's, it's as saying or your thoughts about being a woman.

I actually love being a woman I love the feminine aspects of me I feel quite feminine on occasion. And I also love my ability and capability. So, so there's some strength that comes with that. And it can be physical, but it also is mental and emotional strength. So I like to find a balance in each of that, so that then I can feel whole and complete as a person. So I like to think that I have masculine and feminine energy and then I can balance it out. Yeah. In my situation. Yeah.

Excellent. Thank you, Diana, thank you very much for joining the conversation and for signing up for the project. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the day in your photo shoot. And that's it.

I am sure I will thank you very much.

If you have an interesting story, we'd love for you to participate. You can email us at That's Aleksandra spelt with a K S. Or visit our website





This is the 45 over 45 chapter of MY BODY MY STORY podcast, where we celebrate rule breakers and role models - the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show their SENSUALITY, BEAUTY, SOUL, and TRUE ESSENCE.

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