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Episode 64 – Rayghaan | My Body. My Story PODCAST| 45 Over 45 chapter

In this episode, you will learn 10 FACTS about Rayghaan, what age she would like to go back to and what advice she would give herself at that age! We also talk about the main causes of body image issues, how they come up and how she overcomes them. And we discuss what aging means to her and to her body.

You can READ the interview transcript HERE


10 Facts About Rayghaan

(at the time of the project)

1. 47 years old.

2. Rayghaan is an immigrant from South Africa. She was born during the regime.

3. She is an English teacher but has a specific empathy for people with disabilities. That’s why she works as a diverse learning coordinator.

4. Rayghaan has a really funny little thing on her ring finger. She was born with it. It's not quite a birthmark, but it's a nice unusual little skin defect. It brings her comfort when she looks at it.

5. Rayghaan has two sons and then a late daughter with a 10-year gap between her and the boys. She is recently divorced after a 20-year marriage and very, very happy about it.

6. Rayghaan’s favorite color is Aqua

7. Rayghaan knits baby booties, in a moccasin style and she just gives them as gifts to people who are having babies.

8. She loves toe rings and wears four or five at a time.

9. Rayghaan is a big sucker for mango-flavored anything. But her favorite fruit is an orange.

10. Rayghaan’s favorite saying about women is – “Women are stronger. If a woman walks away from a man, he crumbles. If a man walks away from a woman, she survives.”

Watch Rayghaan’s VIDEO interview HERE




Hi, you're listening to the My Body, My Story podcast.

You need to find people who will appreciate you for just who you are with no extra rings and bells.

This is the 45 over 45 chapter where we celebrate Rule Breakers and role models, the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show their sensuality beauty, soul, and true essence. Here we talk about what it's like to be 45 Plus, adjusting to the changes that come with time, and we listened to the stories about participants. If you have an interesting story, we'd love for you to participate. You can email us at That's Aleksandra spelt with a K S. Or visit our website

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my body My Story project and today with us in the studio Rayghaan. And while she's sitting in the makeup chair and Chitra is doing makeup for her, I'll be asking her a few questions. Hi, Rayghaan.


how are you?

I'm very well thank you.

And let's start our podcast and tell us 10 facts about yourself.

I am an immigrant from South Africa. I was born during the regime. I am an English teacher but I work as a diverse learning coordinator. I have a really funny little thing on my ring finger. I was born with it. I don't know what it is. It's not quite a birthmark, but it's a nice unusual little skin defect. But I love it. I actually love it. It brings me comfort when I look at it. It's almost check like a triangle. And I love it. What number was that?

It was number three.

Okay. Number four. I have two sons. And then I have a late daughter. So I have a 10 year gap with one. Yes, late surprise. We call her. She is the delight of our lives. I am recently divorced and very, very happy about it. And I've actually just read a book recently that gave me a wonderful sentence that I've kind of just been dwelling in for a while and it says grief is the cocoon of which we arise and new. So I just think that's marvelous because it is if you don't have any struggles in life, real struggles, you never see how deep your soul actually is. And that, for me is just wonderful. I have come from a very long line of strong women. So I knew I was always going to survive this grief. And I did.

Well, how long you've been in your marriage

20 years.

That was a huge step.

Huge, huge, huge. What number are we up to now?

Five or six

five or six. My favourite colour is Aqua. So it's quite unusual because it's a mix of green and blue. But I love it. I have lots of it in my wardrobe. And I try actually and avoid it because I wear it so much. I love being a high school teacher. I love being challenged. But I also am quietly an introvert people don't realise that but I actually wouldn't mind just staying in my room knitting for a year. I knit baby booties, it's like a moccasin style that I knit. I only knit one style of booties. In fact, I only knit those. I do the odd beanie here and there. But I never knit big projects because I knit for my own pleasure and I don't want to be committed to something for too long. So I need something that I know I can do within three days. It's normally like three CSI shows that I do after you finish them. So I have a collection down sort of in my storage facility. And I just give them as gifts to people who are obviously having babies. I work in a school and there are lots of young teachers who fall off the teaching wagon every now and then and go off and have babies so I'm constantly freezing.

supply your colleagues.

Yes, yes, yes. And family and friends of course. Yeah. But it is something that I absolutely love. I've done it pretty much my whole life knitting. And I also recently when I say recently, I mean maybe six or seven years learned how to crochet. Hmm. And I love doing that as well.

Do you have a new kind of Instagram account?

Perhaps I should. Yeah. I have several of my students constantly telling me - Miss you need to be a TikToker. Whatever that is. Yeah, I love toe rings. I wear four or five at a time. I am a big sucker for mango flavoured anything.

Oh wow. So do you love mangoes?

I love mangoes. But my favourite fruit is actually an orange. Oh, that's plain and boring. I know. I love a good orange. And it's the orange that comes out now. It's that Italian orange that comes out now and it's got sort of like an almost yellowy green orangey peel. It's my favourite.

I love blood oranges.

Oh, I do too. But not my favourite. I don't quite deal with a better in this at the end of it so well. But I do like a blood orange for me. They're not that better.

Acid acidic, you know?

Yeah, they're not. They're more kind of there is a specific taste of tears. Yeah, like that's why I like the Valencia's because the Valencia's are sweet, rather than a city.

Yeah, yeah.

Cool. Another fact is I'm actually fairly blind. I can't see very well.

Oh my god.

So what do you how do you manage to lots of glasses? Yeah, okay. But I also just prefer to be sort of living in a world of blurriness, a lot of the time, because the glasses annoy me, but I definitely cannot wear contacts people have constantly asked, Why don't you wait contacts? I just do not like touching my eyeballs. Yeah,

The other solution is LASIK?

Yes, I've heard about that. And I've not yet explored that. But I will. I will.

It just makes your life much easier. It does. It does. Not that we are trying to talk anyone into that.

But it does make you like now I have a friend who's had had it done and he says it's the best thing ever. But yeah, I will actually explore that I'm actually going on a trip in about a week. So when I come back these are all the things I have to do.

Somewhere in Australia or abroad.

No actually going to Mecca. Oh god game on it

Oh, you are going on the Hajj?

No. Not the Hajj.

Because I think you can do it all year round?

You can do all year round. And that's when it's called Umrah. And when it's that particular time the year it's called the Hajj

Hajj. Yeah, yeah. But you just going as a tourist like a visit

going asa tourist town with my three children a bit of a spiritual cleanse after the trauma we've all been through in the last few years. So

Yeah. I believe that places like that have this special energy anyway.

Oh, yeah.Soul rejuvenating. Yeah, that's right. It's I've been I've been told that that area, as well as lots of other areas, not lots of other areas in the world. But certain other areas in the world have got a magnetic field attached to it that is sort of unexplained in science. Birds and planes don't circulate around certain areas in the world, and Mecca is one of them.

Oh, wow. I didn't know that. Interesting. Sounds great.

What are we up to?

I’ve lost the count. If you have any more facts. Yeah, we can continue.

I have a specific empathy for people with disabilities. I mean, and that's why I'm in the diverse learning world. But I have rheumatoid arthritis and I grew up with a mother who has arthritis. It's a really crippling autoimmune disease. So I actually am very grateful that I rather lucky. I don't, I've not had any surgeries to correct any joints and my flare is inconsistent but not common and often enough to cripple me too much. When I do flare, I am quite incapable of walking, sometimes doing anything with my hands, and it is quite emotionally crippling. But I have wonderful children and friends and family who helped me out. But due to that, I just I am grateful actually, that I am able to establish a really strong empathy for those people who

have disabilities abilities. And you haven't mentioned that your age. So because we're doing like women in their 40s 50s,

I am 47.

So you think that it age added up to that or it's no