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Episode 42 – Sarah | My Body. My Story PODCAST| 45 Over 45 chapter

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

In this episode, Sarah talks about her love for singing and how she found this great opportunity to utilise the open mics concept. Now she sings in clubs with professional bands around Sydney and it is her biggest relaxation!


10 Facts About Sarah

(at the time of the project)

1. 53 years old.

2. Sarah grew up in a large family of 9 siblings and most of her siblings are older.

3. Her family had a hobby farm in the countryside in New South Wales. They had some horses and some cattle and dogs and cats and birds and chickens and one milking cow.

3. She comes from a musical family and learned the classical piano at a young age. She does not touch it much now.

4. Sarah has now learned to sing and loves singing at open mics in clubs around Sydney, that's her relaxation.

5. Three years ago, she made herself walking alone to a club, and start singing at an Open Mic setting. This is a concept when you go to these clubs, you put your name down, you register to sing about two songs, and they have a professional band that can play hundreds of songs. And they give you that opportunity to sing.

6. Sarah believes in humanitarianism, helping people supporting others, and also animals and their rights. She loves music, creativity, colour, travel.

7. Sarah is a very social person and loves to chat.

8. She has worked in the community sector as a disability age support worker and did that for almost 20 years.

9. Biggest challenge at this age – “It’s the physical changes.”

10. Positive change with age – “I don't care what people think of me so much anymore.”

Watch Sarah's VIDEO interview HERE




INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (auto-generated) :

Hi, you are listening to My Body My Story podcast,

Enjoy each day, go and live your life. Have lots of fun, and realise you are beautiful inside and out. You are so beautiful even if you weren't told.

This is the 45 or 45 chapter where we celebrate rule breakers and role models, the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show that sensuality, beauty, soul and true essence. Here we talk about what it's like to be 45 Plus, adjusting to the changes that come with time, and will listen to the stories of our participants. If you have an interesting story to share, we would love you to participate, you can email us on or visit our website, www.

Hi, Sarah, welcome to our studio and welcome to the project. And while you're sitting in the makeup chair, and Chitra is doing makeup for you. I'll be asking you a few questions. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Thank you so much, Alexandra. I come from northern New South Wales. And I come from a large family. We weren't farmers, but we had a hobby farm. And so I grew up in the countryside. And most of my siblings are older. I come from a musical family. Wow. So I learned classical piano as a young person. Don't touch it much now. But I have now learned to sing as an adult. So I love singing. That's my relaxation.

Oh, that's wonderful. So how was your life at this farm style? What did you do when you lived there?

Life was good. We rode horses, you know, not professionally, but we had some horses and some cattle and dogs and cats and birds and chickens and one milking cow. It was great. We had a creek. So we swim in that. So it was very different to a lot of my friends who I grew up with. The only thing is that was a little bit isolated. So I'm a very social person. And I love to chat. So it was a little hard for me for those 10 years in that respect, but it was great as well.

So where did you move to from that place?

So after I was raised in northern New South Wales, I came to Sydney, I followed my siblings, because the work opportunities are very limited in the countryside. Yes.

So excellent. So what are you most passionate about?

It's a good question. A lot of things. I definitely believe in humanitarianism, helping people supporting others, and also animals and their rights. I love the animal kingdom as well. I love music, creativity, colour, travel. And, and I believe that, that women finding their happiness, finding their peace, and enjoying their life. I think that's very, that's a big passion of mine as well.

So, you mentioned that you're singing now, where do you sing? Is it just for yourself or you have any performances?

I have been I've been fortunate to be utilising the open mics, there's a lot of them around Sydney. And three years ago, I made myself walking alone to a club, and just get to meet people and talk to them and start singing and they built me up from there. So I've been really built my confidence up with that. And what is open like, open mic is a set up where you don't pay anything. You go to these clubs, you put your name down, you register to sing about two songs, and they have a band there that can play hundreds of songs. So the band are professionals. And they give you that opportunity to sing usually you email a week ahead.

Do you have to show your work in the first place before they approve you? Or just anyone can do that?

You know what? You don't, that's the beauty of it. Aleksandra and they take you accept you as you are.

Oh, that's interesting.


So anyone with even without voice can do that, if they want to try it?

They can try it depending on the club. I mean, some clubs are probably a bit more strict fit. And it's up from karaoke. It's not. It's different so that the band members are very, yes professional and ready for lots of different types of music.

That's interesting. Let's talk about changes with age. Everybody knows that we change with age. But what positive changes? Actually, you haven't mentioned how old you are. So obviously, because it's 45 Plus project?

Yes, I'm 53.

So at 53 what positive change you are experiencing?

Positive Change I've noticed with me is that I don't care what people think of me so much anymore. Yes, that's a big one for your health.

Very important.

Very important. I don't get flustered so much over what people say or do or how they view me. So I think that's critical.

And what is the biggest challenge for this age? For you?

The biggest challenge is, I think, for me, is just the physical changes, like I saw it and things like that. Movement balance, making sure you're fit, exercise and keeping your body healthy. And well.

Have you noticed some differences? Like your movements are limited, or your energy is less than it used to be? What are the limitations? What are the physical limitations you notice?

Definitely, I think, you know, compared to 43, a bit of arthritis. And, you know, with menopause, and things like that, there's weight gain, and you know, mood swings, I guess. So it's about learning how to manage all those things. And keeping everything in check and just growing, maturing, growing older, gracefully, and not beating yourself up. Which is easy to do, especially for us, ladies.

So if you would describe your greatest accomplishment, what it would be so far?

Wow. Okay, I have worked in the community sector as a disability age support worker. So I did that for almost 20 years on and off. And I feel good because I wasn't contributing out of my ego, but I was, you know, doing it because I can work with people. And, you know, I can, I can help people that are vulnerable. So, I think that's a big, big achievement thing is, it's not an easy industry to be in. It's not the easiest kind of work, but it with its challenges I was able to achieve that is help a lot of people.

Yeah, it's, it's very rewarding, I suppose. So you mentioned about that you don't feel like 43 And if we go even further back in time, and imagine that you meet your 30 year old self, and what advice would you give her? Your 30 year old self?

I would say stop worrying, kid. Enjoy each day, go and live your life. Have lots of fun, and realise you are beautiful inside and out. You are so beautiful. Even if you weren't told.

We all need that - at 30 Somebody tells us that.

Yeah, absolutely.

It's a strange age. Like if I remember myself, that 30 year old self. It looks like it's your prime, or coming to the prime. And I feel like for most of the women, it's the most the time for the most the biggest insecurity in their life. I don't know why. Somehow this, the mark of 30 years, and it takes another 10 to 20 years just to realise that you were beautiful and your body was great and nothing was wrong with you just that your everything is in our head. And talking about this body image. Where do you think this idea of perfect body comes from? And what is it for you? The perfect body?

I think the pressure is heavy on women. Yes, I think it comes from partly media. A lot of it probably comes from media, different forms, magazines, television, advertising. And I think females are always trying to live up to that some women. So yeah, there's a lot of pressure there. That the idea of a perfect body for me is a woman who is confident he feels beautiful, naturally. So you know, it's not about wearing skimpy clothes or having perfectly long hair or long legs or being a certain hair colour. It's about being beautiful from the inside, and it resonating out.

And what does it mean to you feeling good? And looking good? What comes first?

Feeling good. Definitely at this age,

this age, yeah.

Yeah, looking good. It's not as big a priority. I mean, like at 30. It was, but now it's, yeah, definitely feeling good. comfortable in your own skin. Yes.

And what makes you feel the most beautiful?

I think, when I'm making my own decisions. I'm not pleasing everybody, as ladies can do. We get into that, those situations. So being strong, being certain about my ideas, and not letting anybody control my life. Or put me down. That makes me feel beautiful.

And what advice would you give younger women who will eventually reach this age and undergo the changes? What would you say to them?

I say to them, focus on your own happiness, your own self. And life is not all about pleasing your partner, or making everyone else happy. You know, learn to be strong, and navigate your own journey. You get this one chance, you know, and the years get away. They really get away.

Don’t lose time

and enjoy nature and you know, go easy on yourself.

Yeah, good one. And do you have any favourite quote or saying or maybe thought about being a woman?

There was one about ate the cake. Anyway. Enjoy the Pavlova, forget the calories, something like that, you know, have the cake in the coffee, eat the ice cream, stop measuring your waist. As we do

if we could do that, like guilty-free and without gaining weight. I think everyone would do that.

Wouldn't that be an ideal way to live here. Enjoy yourself.

Thank you, Sara, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and joining our project. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the day in the photoshoot. And welcome to the project again.

Thank you Alexandra. It's lovely to be here. I'm enjoying it very much so far. Thank you.

If you have an interesting story to share would love for you to participate. You can email us at or visit our website, www.





This is the 45 over 45 chapter of MY BODY MY STORY podcast, where we celebrate rule breakers and role models - the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show their SENSUALITY, BEAUTY, SOUL, and TRUE ESSENCE.

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