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Episode 38 – Cathy | My Body. My Story PODCAST| 45 Over 45 chapter

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

🎧 In this episode (LISTEN TO THE EPISODE), Cathy talks about her two great passions – travel and having and being a travel agent, as well as acting.

Cathy knows everything about corporate and high-end leisure travel as she has been in the travel and tourism industry for over 30 years. She also taught travel and tourism in college and has been very lucky to have travelled extensively throughout the world and has visited six of the seven continents. She says she will get to Antarctica eventually!

Cathy is also very creative and always has been. She loves dancing, painting, and music. She is currently developing and broadening her acting skills and her acting career.

Her biggest challenge at this age is fitting in everything that she wants to do.


10 Facts About Cathy

(at the time of the project)

1. 58 years old.

2. Cathy was born and raised in Sydney.

3. Cathy is a proud mother of two wonderful boys.

4. Cathy has been in the travel and tourism industry for over 30 years, running her own travel agency for 20 of those years predominantly in corporate and high-end leisure travel.

5. She’s been very lucky to have traveled extensively throughout the world. Cathy has visited six of the seven continents. She says she will get to Antarctica eventually!

6. Cathy taught travel and tourism in college.

7. Cathy loves dancing and painting. She loves music.

8. She’s currently developing and broadening her acting skills and her acting career

9. Biggest challenge at this age – “Fitting in everything that I want to do.”

10. Positive change with age – “I have finally accepted who I am.”

Watch Cathy's VIDEO interview HERE




INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (auto-generated) :

Hi, you are listening to My Body My Story podcast,

and care for yourself, which is something I fail to do. So 100% Look after yourself, and work less, because it catches up to you.

This is the 45 or 45 chapter where we celebrate rule breakers and role models, the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show that sensuality, beauty, soul and true essence. Here we talk about what it's like to be 45 Plus, adjusting to the changes that come with time, and will listen to the stories of our participants. If you have an interesting story to share, we would love you to participate, you can email us on or visit our website, www.

Hi, Cathy, welcome to our studio and welcome to our project My Body My Story. And while we're sitting in the makeup chair, and Diana is making doing makeup for you, I'll be asking you a few questions. Let's start and tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, firstly, I'm a proud mother of two wonderful boys, predominantly. But um, I have been in the travel and tourism industry for over 30 years, running my own travel agency for 20 of those years predominantly in corporate and high-end leisure travel. We did events and groups and conferences. We had quite an impressive portfolio with some VIPs and government music and sporting accounts. And then for the residual of those 10 years, I worked for two different airlines. I taught travel and tourism in college. And I've been very lucky to have travelled extensively throughout the world, obviously, in the travel industry, we get the perks of educational, so have travelled extensively, I've done pretty much seven, six of the seven continents. And, you know, even extensively throughout those continents. So I've been very lucky in that respect. And I've met some wonderful people and learn about all the different cultures and and I feel that it's enriched me greatly. I'm also very creative and always have been. I love dancing, painting. I love music. And even though I'm still in the travel industry, I'm currently developing and broadening my acting skills and my acting career and hence why I really love this opportunity that was given to me.

So I have two questions. You said six out of seven continents, which one is left out?

And Antarctica

Ah, okay,

I'm going to get there. I will get there. Okay.

And the other question I was going to ask about teaching. So you said you were teaching Tourism and ..

Travel and Tourism in college? Yeah.

College. Wow. So what is it? Like..because I don't I cannot imagine what would you teach? What are the subjects like?

Yeah, well, generic subjects come as part of the course. So things like you know, customer service, and, you know, basic, generic subjects. But predominantly, it was a travel and tourism. So, in in those years ago, the computer wasn't as dominant. So we'd have to calculate fares manually. So we'd have to use all the calculation systems to to calculate an airfare not just a simple now is just typing it in the computer. Also about geography, I love geography. So we used to teach geography. Yeah, travel and tourism, everything you'd need to know to be able to be a travel agent. Yeah. So like logistics of the of the business and every aspects that hence why there's generic Jarrett and generic subject. So the accounting side as well, you know, business studies, so I did that for five years, as well as having my own travel agent. So the gingery I loved it. Yeah, anything that allows me to have a little bit of an audience

What is your favourite country?

Oh, okay. My favourite Country harm has got to be an interesting question. Let me think. Out of all the countries I've been, I've got to say that I adore the Maldives because we went through every single atoll. And because it was a two week educational, and I actually actually didn't want to come home, I wanted to stay there forever. The aesthetic beauty is just incredible. The people are just divine. So that was one of my favourite places. But in terms of for country, in different aspects, not so much with the state statics, I've got to say all the lap countries, Sweden, Norway, Finland, I love. I love those countries. I don't know I really enjoy. I spent three months in Sweden. And we travelled extensively through the lap countries. I love it. I love the culture. I love the people.

What do you call them? LAP?

LAP countries.

What does it stands for?

Well, it's just they call them? I don't know what while they call them the lap countries

It’s the first time I hear it, usually I say Scandinavia. I will Google it.

Well, I was taught that. So I guess that's what would it

maybe professional term must be?

Now, so tell me what are you most passionate about? Because you said you like audience and theatre and cystic but what's your passion? The real one?

Well, the fact is that I've got many passions, I'm going to be bold and give you two, if I may, because they're equally as I'm equally passionate about both. So believe it or not, I am passionate about travel and having and being a travel agent. You know, for for some people, you know, you may think it's just booking a flight or accommodation or hotel. But in actual fact, it's an experience. It's learning, you're actually doing research, you're learning and then you are experiencing it before you're relaying it to your customer to experience it. So I have I can't see myself doing anything else. I actually well, I can my next passion. But um, the fact is that I enjoy it immensely. I have no drama, going to work, or doing that as a job because I really have a passion for it. I love it. I love the experience. I love the people. I love learning. And it's like I'm travelling to a different destination. Every time someone asked me to do something for them. I have been lucky that it's always ever been high end leisure travel. So we we did have you know, I guess a different level of accommodation, a different level of travel, yes. But it is amazing. Just always to learn, you know, learn about the new destinations and about new products, new hotels. So I've got to say that was probably my, one of my biggest and is my biggest. And the second passion, which has been with me since I was you know, I can remember maybe eight years old is acting. Yes, I would, you know, perform in front of my parents, my grandparents, anybody that would? would let me perform in front of them, I guess. And I've never really pursued it because life just brings you different experiences. But it's always ever been a burning desire for me. So I have now recently sort of starting to develop it. Yeah, and yeah, so then I got I've got to say those are my two great passions.

Yeah, good ones. So, moving on the age topic. Everyone knows that with age we change, but what positive changes have you experienced so far?

I have finally accepted who I am. I was always questioning who I was. And I had a lot of inhibitions. I guess I feel a lot more confident that was is the you know, the most, you know, appealing factor of being of ageing of being a lot a little bit older is that you become more confident and you accept yourself a lot more than what I what I did when I was younger. And I guess also the other thing which was is good is the life extension. urine says that we've had gives us a better understanding and more patients. So I think that helped, you know, that has helped me attain this, you know, positiveness and acceptance.

And what is the biggest challenge?

I think the biggest challenge is now fitting in everything that you want to do. Because I want to do a lot a lot,

finally, you have freedom to do it.

Well, almost, you know, to a certain degree, you do get a lot more time. I think it's just fitting in everything that you want to do. That's my biggest challenge at the moment.

I'm sure you will manage. So how would you describe your greatest accomplishment?

Well, I feel that my greatest accomplishment has got to be having raised my two boys, whilst working 18 hour days when I was, you know, when I did have the travel agency, I was working there, and then I'd go to teach at night, I was doing really, really long hours. And sometimes even weekends would be taken up because we had really big corporate clients. And so we had to meet their expectations. So I did push myself immensely. So my accomplishment has got to be doing that. And having earned my children's respect, without me, you know, requesting that, that that, for me, is my biggest accomplishment, knowing that they respect me on their own accord. Without me expecting it for me is my biggest achievement. Yeah, really big.

Very good one. Yeah. Love it.

So if you could travel back in time, meet your 30 year old self, what advice would you give her?

Don't work so hard. Love yourself, that's and care for yourself? Which is something I fail to do. So 100% Look after yourself, and work less. Because it catches up to you.

Yeah, you just realise it a bit late, then you should


So advice would you give younger women who will eventually undergo age changes?

I would say to them, don't be afraid. You know, it's not that bad. But look after your skin. Don't smoke, don't drink alcohol. But now, I feel that it isn't that bad. I actually am really enjoying this period in my life. So I don't feel that it's something to be worried about. As long as you take care of yourself mentally. You take care of your body. I think that's, that's really important. And I don't think that it's something to be worried about.

Yeah, it's a nice a Yeah,

it is it is.

So if we will talk about perfect body image. Where do you think this idea comes from? And what is it for you? Perfect body.

I feel the media has a big role in how, you know, women in particular, perceive their body. It's what we see and what we expect to look like, after having seen, you know, the media, but I also feel that it's our insecurities, not being comfortable in our own in our own bodies. And it is very hard to accept our own bodies because we're always going to find faults. But I feel that the media does have a big role. big role in that. That's my opinion.

I just wonder why do they need to portray the perfect body as thin, slim.. what they're gaining from that?

Well, yes, it is true. The thing is, is that it is slowly changing. I've noticed if it was worse, I feel but I think I don't know what they would gain from it. But I do think that it's damaging, especially to younger, you know, younger, more vulnerable, you know, women and girls, but I think it is slowly changing but it's going to take a long time. Long time. We are seeing a few more full body figures in magazines in down the catwalk so

I think probably it's the creating Demand, which wasn't there, but exactly once, you know, you see this thin and slim and always young, you know, you create demand for plastic surgery or some beauty products etc. So it's like an artificial demand creation. And that's true. Nobody say that you cannot achieve ever never this kind of shape.

Yeah, exactly. Now I agree.

So what does it mean to you feeling good and looking good, what comes first?

I feel that it's a combination of things. So me personally, what makes me feel really, really good is when I do yoga and meditation, and just, you know, just give myself the time. Also, music and dancing makes me feel good. And looking after myself, when I do know that I've put that effort in, then I feel good. It's when I don't put the effort in that I don't feel good. So I think it's a combination of things. But, you know, I think looking after ourselves in general, makes us feel good. That's,

that's what I think. Yeah. And I see you from time to time on your Instagram on the treadmill as well.

I'm trying.

Good, good. So what makes you feel the most beautiful?

When I've put the effort in, and I've put on a lovely outfit, done my makeup? I've got to say, for me, it's all aesthetics. For me, you know, maybe people say, oh, you know, you shouldn't you should look past that. But me personally, I think when I do put that effort in, I feel good. Yeah, I do.

And do you have any favourite quote, or saying about being a woman?

I don't think I have a favourite one. But I do have one that I feel is is relevant and important. Women are the world's most underused resource. Oh, I think I think we have a lot more to offer. Lots.

That's great. Thank you, Cathy, thank you very much for joining our project and I hope you will enjoy the rest of your day and your photoshoot. and welcome again.

Thank you so much looking forward to it.

If you have an interesting story to share would love for you to participate. You can email us at or visit our website, www.





This is the 45 over 45 chapter of MY BODY MY STORY podcast, where we celebrate rule breakers and role models - the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show their SENSUALITY, BEAUTY, SOUL, and TRUE ESSENCE.

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