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Episode 15 – Sarah | My Body. My Story PODCAST| 45 Over 45 chapter

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

In this very entertaining episode (LISTEN TO THE EPISODE), Sarah tells how she came to Australia in 2003, and one of the first thing she did was, she bought quite a few coats and pairs of boots because she never owned them before. It was always 40 degrees where she grew up.

She also talks about her passion for interacting with people, and learning different cultures through authentic ethnic food, tarot card readings, and fashion.

She believes that If you don’t pick yourself up, no one else will, and you will not be able even to see a hand of help from others.


10 Facts About Sarah

(at the time of the project)

1. 49 years old.

2. Sarah came to Australia from India in 2003.

3. Sarah loves clothes. She likes winter because where she grew up, it was always 40 degrees, really hot. So, she’s never owned a jumper or a pair of boots. When she came to Australia, she made sure she bought quite a few pairs of winter boots and coats.

4. Sarah has a son. He plays a lot of soccer. And every Saturday, Sarah goes around Sydney to wherever her son’s team is playing. And she’s made it interesting. She looks up the eateries in those new suburbs, and find something that's really good, and go and have a meal there.

5. Sarah likes eating. So, she visits every part of Sydney where there's a different ethnic community and tries their food.

6. Sarah likes meeting different people. Every time she meets someone from a different country, she talks to them and learns about their culture.

7. Also, Sarah is a tarot card reader for a long, long time. She helps women and guides them on their future or making some decisions, e.g. their career paths, or giving them good news, or a word of warning.

8. Sarah does this besides her day job where she works as an accountant in a bank.

9. Biggest challenge at this age – “Putting on weight and feeling motivated to actually lose it.”

10. Positive change with age – “Oh, I have more money now to do a lot of things that I couldn't do when I was young.”

Watch Sarah's VIDEO interview HERE




INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (auto-generated):

Hi, you are listening to My Body My Story podcast,

You know, today I don't look back with regrets. I've had good relationships, bad relationships, jobs that were made me happy jobs that didn't make me happy. But I think it was all a journey that was good. And that's what brought me to where I am.

This is the 45 or 45 chapter where we celebrate rule breakers and role models, the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show that sensuality, beauty, soul and true essence. Here we talk about what it's like to be 45 Plus, adjusting to the changes that come with time, and will listen to the stories of our participants. If you have an interesting story to share, we would love you to participate, you can email us on or visit our website, www.

I've come from India came here in 2003. And it's been a good journey. So far. I've made lots of friends love the clothes, like I change my way of dressing from saris and salvors to boots and skirts. And I find that really nice. I like winter because where I grew up, it was always 40 degrees, was really hot. So I never owned a jumper or a pair of boots. And I was always excited to see people with boots. So when I came here, I made sure I bought quite a few pairs every winter boots and coats. And when I decided to buy different kinds of boots and different coloured coats. It was quite an interesting journey. And I like eating. So I visit every part of Sydney where there's a different ethnic community, and I try their food. Reason being when I grew up, I didn't travel much, because the dollar and the rupee is really bad conversion rate. So I didn't have much money to travel. But when I came to Australia, I could actually try different types of food. And I like meeting different people from different countries. And every time I meet someone from a different country, I talk to them and learn about their culture. And it's just, it just finds it more interesting.

Yeah. It's a learning curve, right? Learning from others.

Yeah, so that's been good. And I read tarot cards. So I am a tarot card reader for a long, long time. And I do this besides my day job where I work as an accountant, which is quite, you know, straight and clear. It's very different. And you don't meet that many people. But over the years, I read tarot cards for friends at HIMS. Nice. Yeah, if anyone's having charity galleries, or just like that to make a little bit of extra pocket money. But I enjoy it because I've got to meet lots of different women during this period. And some may not many men come for tarot readings, but a lot of women come. And I think I listen to their stories. And I give them a set of cards, which they pick, and helps guide them on their future or make some decisions. Because you know, we often are very confused. Because I think you know, we believe in romance, which is what I strongly believe in and sometimes that goes pear shaped. Sometimes it has happy ending. So I think when you read the cards, you give people a bit of

a bit of hope, clarity

I enjoy doing it. And sometimes you also help them with their career paths, or you give them good news or you tell them look, be careful. It's a word of warning. Yeah, yeah, I do that. I used to do tax for a lot of people at one point in time, but I actually now am leaning more towards Tarot reading and I enjoy that.

Have you set it up as a business yet?

Oh, it's like I do have a few business cards. And I do have a Facebook page. But I think with Tarot reading, it's more word of mouth. And a lot of people come back to me, and sometimes I need to tell people, you know, this is it. It's a set of cards. It gives you a guidance, but it's not set in stone. Yeah. So that kind of thing. And I tell them that and sometimes I also because for that many years that I've been doing more Accounting I tend to think in a more way defined in logic manner. So I tell them, Look, this is it. These are your options. Hope you go away with a smile, have a think about it. And I hope it makes you happy. But I wish actually, I was doing something like what you're doing because this is more creative. Yeah. I think sometime later, maybe after 50 When the mortgage is paid off, I might think of something more creative.

Yeah. Hey, Tara cards might, you know, take off? And that will be your creativity outlet? And you'll be doing that for a while?

Yeah, I think so. But it also can become very heavy. Because if you listen to too many people, sad story, not people come in, you know, they come in with hope they come in with. I don't think I could do many do justice if I did too many readings a day because you need to give a person a good year, listen to them. Answer their questions, pull as many cards that takes about an hour or so. And I think if you do too many close together, you're not doing justice do it.

The energies like you need, do you need that time to recharge as well?

Yeah. So that's kind of my story. Yeah.

Do you have you said before you have children?

I do have one boy. And he plays a lot of soccer. And every Saturday, we pretty much travel around Sydney to wherever they are playing. And I've made it interesting. Because I look up the eateries in those new suburbs, I find something that's really good, and go and have a meal there. And if you want to know where to find different ethnic food asked me because believe me, I can tell you where you can find it. If you want the best Portuguese, you want the best burek. I'll tell you why.

You should start writing like reviews or something on every you know, restaurant you go to like, that could be another thing. Like if that's your thing, you go, you've tried so many things, you found so many great places that others may not have heard of, you should probably share, you know, like this is the place if you are looking for the best Brazilian place in Sydney, this is the place to go to or something.

I think I should. I know I have a plan. And hopefully when COVID is over, like in Europe, they have these free walking groups. I think I want to do. I like telling stories. I love meeting people. And I think I'd show them a lot of Sydney that they would really like. So I think maybe something like that. Let's see. I mean, I think now I've done the hard yards of actually putting down roots in Sydney because I came with a bag of clothes. And now I think you know, in this 16 year journey, it has been good. So a next stages would be doing something more fun, more creative.

That's right, just for the sole, right?

Yeah. Because I think you know, when you come in you 30 to 40 you sort of put down your roots and your foundations, and you work the long hours and stuff. But I think now I'm in a good place to sort of take my next step. Let's see.

Oh, that's exciting, Sarah. Yeah, I love food. So I'll follow you if you start doing reviews. I'm all there because I love that. And I like to experiment and try different cuisines.

I go to actual places where it's really authentic. And you know, they might be like, I was surprised in Rockdale the amount of places which sold borek and I lean towards European food because I've always been fascinated with Europe and I being Indian, I'm used to spice and loads of pungent foods, I think because this food is so different. I like trying it. And then of course Asian food I've tried a lot. So it's good. And I even found a Dutch place way out in Smithfield, which has a lot of Dutch imports, which is really interesting. Yeah. … It is really cute because it has the clogs and everything outside so it's very authentic. Yeah, and then you know, you go you map Marrickville side you get good Greek food and ego how to spark of course, you get more than enough Indian food from every state. So I think it just keep trying stuff.

I'll pick your brain later about that. Um, so if you had to choose what are you most passionate about? Would it be the food, the travel, tarot or anything else that comes to mind?

Anything to do with people? Yeah. So I'm kind of versatile. If I see new People, I start talking, and I take it from there. So anything that has a lot of people interaction makes me happy. And I like just making people happy and making them smile. So I'm travelling just widens my experiences, because I can't read, I have no interest in reading a textbook. Whereas when I see meet and talk to people, that's always been my way of learning. I was just never this child who could sit still in a library or listen to documentaries. I like talking and learning and learning from people via me, I can't shop on the internet, usually, unless it's very glossy pictures, then it hooks me.

Because it's become a becomes visual, rather than reading,

it has to be very visual to me.

So everyone knows that with age we change, but what positive changes have you experienced as you're growing older?

Oh, I've had a lot more money now to do a lot of things that I couldn't do when I was young. So yes, I don't fit into very fancy clothes, but then I can buy more expensive, elegant clothes, I can buy more makeup, I can get my hair done more often. So I think if when I was 30, there was lots of luxury items that I couldn't have. Whereas now I can have it. So I'm in a good place, then I think, you know, build your future. Secure your assets don't depend on anyone, just depend on yourself. And you'll be right. And I think that's kind of advice I got from a lot of people who were 45 back then 15 years ago, and I don't regret that advice. Because, you know, today I don't look back with regrets. I've had good relationships, bad relationships, jobs that were made me happy jobs. That didn't make me happy. But I think it was all a journey. That was good. And that's what built me to where I am. So yeah.

What, um, what is the biggest challenge you're experiencing at this age now?

Putting on weight and feeling motivated to actually lose it? And I think I'm trying every shortcut, and I think I shouldn't do that. That is like trying to wear looser clothes, getting more expensive lingerie to hide what can happen talk and wearing normal clothes, elegant scarves, but I don't think I should be doing that because I happen to put on a lot of weight around my stomach. So yeah, I need to lose that. That's my challenge.

Describe your greatest accomplishment.

I think moving to Australia and making a life here. Making friends here being able to adapt to culture, totally, totally different from mine is been my greatest challenge and my greatest accomplishment because I still remember I grew up wearing saris ate with my hands a lot and had an accent which not many people understood. But today I do have a job. I I think I have a lot of friends. And I've embraced living here and I'm happy.

That's right. You've completely changed but you, you happy about everything that's here. Everything is different and needs completely part of you now.

Yeah, and I'm really happy with that. And I enjoy the success in the sense that you know, the small things that I've been able to do. And I've been married now to someone from a totally different culture, but 17 years

What culture is your partner from?

He was born here.

It is a huge difference in the you moving from India, embracing everything and marrying

Yeah, it's been like it was a 16th anniversary a while ago. So yeah, so it's been good.

Wow. What a journey. But a good journey. A great journey. It's a great journey. So what advice would you give your 30 year old self?

Don't go out with a guy with a flashy car. Find a nice guy. Yeah.

We've all made that mistake. But

I think you know what, maybe the guy with a flashy car made my life more interesting. So hey, so what I don't think yeah, there was adventure and it was worth it. Don't get too badly burned if you do get burned pick it up. And you know, dust yourself off and go on. You are mot on an island. That's not the last one,

..finding another guy with a nice car, I love it. What advice would you give younger women who will eventually undergo these changes when they growing older?

Look after your body but you know what grow old gracefully because it's just a cycle of life. You can't be a teenager all your life. And as you grow older, just look after your body as long as you're healthy and happy. You can then sort of dress to the fashions at that point in time, and you will be elegant as well. Because just remember with fashion, there's a whole generation moving along as well. You're not alone. So you can still be elegant. You can still be stylish, you could still be happy. As long as Yeah, as long as you're healthy. You know, look after your health. That's kind of key. Yeah.

Yeah. Great advice. Where do you think the idea of a perfect body image comes from?

It's the magazines. And look, I think we've all grown up looking at magazines. And I am slightly feministic. I still believe in modelling, I still believe in the Miss Universe contest. And I think if you've got a great body flaunted, so that is my birthday, I don't think you'd need to starve yourself and kill yourself and do too much of work. Because then you look too artificial. So, you know, always throw out your strong points and hide your weakness, and that's your perfect body image. That's right. Wear clothes that suit you wear makeup that suits you don't try to look like some other ethnic background that you're not because I think then you just have to put too much of makeup and it looks too unnatural. Like I've got a brown skin and I found that with my black hair and brown skin as I grow older. I just colour it black to keep it simple. And it seems to work. But I think you know, if you change your colour of your hair and your makeup, let it blend in. So you don't look strange. Yeah, yeah.

So rocking blonde hair.

No, I think if I could, I would but look, then try it with a wig. Because then you can always change it. Don't go and spoil your hair. Try looks and then you know, don't make anything permanent. So you can always change it.

Yeah, actually, a week is a good idea. Like, what colour do I want to be today?

Don't bleach your hair and damage it right? Just try? Yeah, just

a week later to go back to your natural colour. So what what does it mean to you feeling good? And looking good? What do you think comes first?

I think if I look good, I feel good. Because with COVID, we were all stuck at home. And you just wore the same rubbish every day. And then you just walk around the house. But I think when you had to start getting out of the house and going back to work, you consciously made the effort to get your head and your nails done. You made sure your clothes fitted you in your shoes with good. And I think that then maybe puts a bit of a spring to your step. And you start being a little bit more confident. And you when you see a lot more people around you. You don't sort of go back into your shell you then want to blend in so it adds to your confidence. Yeah, yeah. So I think that's what I need to feel well dressed and look confident. And then I feel good. Yeah. And sometimes, of course, you know, if you've heard a lot of bad news and stuff, I think it takes your mind off if you get a bit of a makeover, and you put your chin up and you go out.

Yeah, yeah, always .. looking good, being around people, you kind of absorb that. More positive energy and feel a bit better. What makes you feel the most beautiful?

Nice clothes, nice perfume boots. Oh, Boots here, but like I think just nice clothes, and nice makeup, nice curfew. And that makes me feel really good in a nice environment. And I think look, I am more a city person. Yes, I love the country. But I think if I need every so often to go to a good function, it's totally prompts me to feel all dressed up. And then I feel good.

Yeah. Yeah. party girl. Love it.

No, I do. Like I think you need to have that every sort of not every week, or something like that. But at least every few months, you really need to make that effort, then that makes you also take care of yourself.

And it's an outing, and you can show off your new dress or outfit. And yeah, yeah.

And I think you know what, when you have to wear a new dress, it then prompts you to sort of get dressed up and that keeps you making you keep up. Otherwise you'd let yourself go

It continues that effort and also prompts if you have a nice dress, you can get your hair done right makeup and everything and nails and yeah, yeah, sure. If you have one. So what is your favourite quote about being a woman? It can be anything your own or for movie or song? Anything?

I don't know, this is mine. Pick yourself up if you're feeling down and just get going. Yeah. Because you know what? Life is not easy. And you just cry or you do whatever, but they need to pick yourself up because if you don't pick yourself up, no one's picking you up. Sure.

I got goose bumps. I got goose bumps, so true. And we were strong enough to do that everyone is strong enough to do that for themselves.

I think you have to, because if you pick yourself up, people will hold your hand and pick you up. But if you refuse to pick yourself up, you won't even accept the hand that's being shown to you. And then family, friends, everybody will slowly give up on you. But you need to do that. Otherwise, you're gone.

Thank you so much, Sara. You've been great. Great advice and wisdom here and everything and entertainment for us. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your story with us. Thanks, Sarah.

If you have an interesting story to share would love for you to participate. You can email us at or visit our website, www.





This is the 45 over 45 chapter of MY BODY MY STORY podcast, where we celebrate rule breakers and role models - the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show their SENSUALITY, BEAUTY, SOUL, and TRUE ESSENCE.

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