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Episode 11 – Denise | My Body. My Story PODCAST| 45 Over 45 chapter

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

In this episode, Denise shares that feeling mortality in her face for the first time in her life reminds her of how important it is to look after yourself and train your body at any age.

She also talks about how she traveled the World, got arts and law degrees, and learned from her mom how to make a sauce out of anything.


10 Facts About Denise

(at the time of the project)

1. 62 years old.

2. Denise is a lawyer and works in administration.

3. Denise has a beautiful dog called Buddy. He's a Cavachon, which is a Cavoodle cross Bichon Frise and he has a lot of energy.

4. Denise loves traveling. She’s traveled a lot of the world.

5. Denise loves cooking and entertaining. She is a very good cook and known as the baked dinner queen and the queen of sauces and gravies.

6. Her favorite cuisine is Italian.

7. Denise's biggest accomplishment is her 2 degrees - a law degree and an arts degree.

8. Denise loves training and has done that, basically all of her life.

9. Biggest challenge at this age – “I just want to be able to remain where I'm working until I retire”.

10. Positive change with age – “I'm a lot calmer and more relaxed than I used to be, and a lot more patient, but I'm still impatient.”

Watch Denise's VIDEO interview HERE




INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (auto-generated):

Hi, you are listening to My Body My Story podcast,

Don't put up with crap from in relationships. That's a big one, like, just walk away. And just don't. Yeah, don't enable that behaviour in any shape way or form. This relax and enjoy.

This is the 45 or 45 chapter where we celebrate rule breakers and role models, the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show that sensuality, beauty, soul and true essence. Here we talk about what it's like to be 45 Plus, adjusting to the changes that come with time, and will listen to the stories of our participants. If you have an interesting story to share, we would love you to participate, you can email us on or visit our website, www.

How about we start with telling us about yourself

I'm 62 years young. I'm in administration. I am a lawyer but just not don't have a practicing certificate. So I've used my law in my administrative work like with contracts and stuff. I have a beautiful dog called Buddy. He's a Cavachon, which is a Cavoodle cross Bichon frise. And he has a lot of energy, but he's just adorable. Very naughty. He's two and a half. So cute is actually he will be three in July. He's destroyed my home. If that's okay. He's a bit better now.

And shoes.

No, because I shut my bedroom when I'm out. That it's your furniture and that front door. But anyway, it is what it is. I love travelling. I've travelled a lot of the world. I love cooking and entertaining. I'm a very good cook even if I do say something so

What's the cuisine?

My favourite cuisine is Italian. But yeah, I cook lots of different things. Yeah, I'm known as the baked dinner queen. And the queen of sauces and gravies

I love sauces and gravies

I inherited that from my mother. I train I love training. I've done that, basically all of my life. But in the last couple of years, I've put on what I had done previously to buddy called Charlie. And she had a congenital liver disease. So for two years, I was like a careless. I put on a lot of weight. And then I lost it and got down to 63 kilos for my 60th birthday. I was 73 kilos was the heaviest I've ever been. And then got down to 60 kilos by Christmas 2019. And last year broke my leg. Put the weight on. So yeah, I have an issue with weight. Yeah, just drives me crazy. And I know I shouldn't but yeah, I do. Just yeah,

I think it's a common theme in your metabolism slows down yet older as you get older one would have that.

And because I broke my leg and then I had my shoulder up. I'm not able to yet do the the intense training. Yes. So that's why it takes longer. I can walk all I like but I'm not supposed to run and jump and do all the intense training that I was doing and lift the heavy weights and so how

did you lose the weight like were you dieting?

dieting and intense training and I was going to the gym like about five times a week and a personal trainer as well. And they just guide you along. He's brilliant. And he's been brilliant with my rehabilitation with my leg and my shoulder. I was back at the gym with my cast on my leg. And then two weeks after my shoulder up. Oops, I was at the gym with my sling in my arm.

So what would you recommend to other ladies trying to lose weight like you've done it? You did it so well. 10 kilos, just you know


Wow. Yeah, what was sort of Your driving force or what, what helped demote that weight?

I think it's personal. I just really like to feel good in myself. And it's a health conscious thing as well, as you get older, I feel mortality is in my face. Now that I'm into my 60s for the first time in my life, I'm like, wow. And I've worked in a hospital I worked at in the health department for 28 years. And some of those areas were like emergency. I think emergency was probably really in my face, you know, where, you know, because it's so highly emotive. You don't think well, I knit didn't think about it prior to that. Yeah. It's silly. I guess, you know, that's negative, but it's still it's just there. And there's nothing you can do about it. It's just enjoy what you have. Yeah. Yeah,

That's right. And travel. You said travel? Is there any place? Is your favourite? Or is there any place that you haven't been to that you can't wait? Like it's still in your bucket list?

Yes, there are places I haven't been to that I want to do before. It's on the bucket list. Eastern Europe, I haven't done. So I'd like to do Prague especially. But yeah, other eastern areas like Russia, and maybe Croatia and Portugal and all those areas. I've been to Greece, but I'd like to do a Greek trip as well. I'd like to go back to an area of Greece that I loved - Kalambaka, and if you've ever been there, it's stunning. And there's these massive cliffs. And whenever they were built was I think nuns for nuns. And they're right into the cliff faces. It's like it makes you wonder how they built them. It's but the village itself is just beautiful. Yeah, it's just a very different part of Greece. It's not like on the coast. It's as you imagine all the white buildings and that is just a different area. And I'd love to go back there.

It's like a different world.

Yeah, it is. It's beautiful.

Would you brave Eastern European on winter or would you go in summer?

I'd prefer summer. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I feel like you're a bit limited in colder weather. I mean, I love cold weather. Because I'm from the southern highlands in golden. Born and raised. The I think travelling wise, it's just easy. You suitcases light? Yeah. Yeah, it's, you know, shorts and a singlet top, whatever. Yeah, it's, it's a bit more. It's a lot easier, I think. Yeah. Yes.

And just a question about cooking as well. You said, so did you learn or everything from family like from your mom? Or did you develop your own style and your recipes?

I've have learned a lot from mom, especially sources, because she was amazing. She was a fan. Fantastic cook. And in my childhood. It wasn't like today where you hear about all the cooking shows and the cooks. And is it. Mitch, what's the name of the Start starts for them when they

Michelin something. Yeah. Anyway. Oh, yeah.


You know, I can. And I'm from a country town, too. So you didn't really hear about it. But she was. She could just make anything. I'm kind of not like that sort of Cook. I'm a recipe person. But I do know how to basically make a source out of anything on making.

Oh, wow. Yeah. Yeah. I like source on things.

Yeah. Yeah. Source makes it. It's probably the most fattening part of dish.

That's right. We'll deal with that later. There's always GYM five days.

Starving yourself the next week.

So it seemed like you are passionate about many things. But if you had to choose one, or maybe there is something else that you haven't mentioned yet, what are you most passionate about?

Well, I don't know. I just I like the mixture in my life. Yeah, I don't know. Can’t choose just one thing. I couldn't know. That'd be a bit boring. Yeah. Mix it up a little bit. That's right. That's right.

So everyone knows that with age we change but what positive changes have you experienced as you're growing older?

I'm a lot calmer and more relaxed and what I used to be a lot more people Patient but I'm still impatient. But I am a lot patient more patient, mom would be proud of that. I did not inherit that gene. She was had the patience of an angel. I don't have that gene. Just more confidence in myself, then I'm not the most confident person. However, I think I portray that. So yeah, but underneath.

Yeah, that's what it's good. It's a skill to

And yes, you know, because it's been a comment made to me a lot. When someone gets to know me, like I say, a manager. And they go, I don't know what's happened in your life. But you're not this confident person that you portray… very sensitive. Yeah. Yeah.

But you're okay with that. Right. That's just who you are.

It is who I am. And I don't have to change for anybody. It is maybe it's kind of good in, in a way. Yeah. Yeah. Treat You awfully a little bit more. But I don't always.

Yeah, yeah. Fair enough. None of us are perfect. What is the biggest challenge you're experiencing at this age now?

I think I just I want to be able to remain where I'm working till I retire. And my fear would be if I were to lose my job, because I have been there with the GFC. And I was out of work for eight months, or at another time. And that's probably my biggest fear. At this age, because of your age, like, I never put my age on my CV. Never. Because you just discriminated. Definitely, I've been in interviews where they really went on about the culture. And I could tell by the way the interview was going, it was a young culture. And I, I just shut down immediately when they started doing that, because I thought, I'm not going to get this job. And when I got out of the job, and I had to call the agent and I told them I said it was just disgusting. Like, and they said, our thanks for letting us know that we're going to say something because that's just not on.

But it's silly. It's what you bring to the role, your experience, your knowledge. It doesn't matter what AGI capable of doing the job, then

I just particularly remember that interview just made me feel terrible. And that was I was probably maybe 50. Yes.

Yeah, and they're not getting any younger. They are the same age.

I get along with everybody doesn't matter what your age is. What your level is. Everybody can learn whether they're younger or older, same age, same level, a lower level, higher level, whatever, you know, like people. Yeah, everybody can learn from anybody, you know? Yeah, that's my opinion.

Yeah. I agree. Describe your greatest accomplishment.

I think my law degree my