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Thanks for submitting! 

WELCOME to My Brand My Story Project!

Please allow us 3-7 working days to contact you and to arrange your podcast recording and shoot date.
We are working our way through each and every application as soon as we can.

We have not met yet, but here we are!
See who is on the team and will work with you through the project!
Meet the team!

Team_George 2.png


Our production manager and videographer


  • He will call you to book your spot


  • He will interview you for your podcast episode, record and produce your audio and video interview


  • He will also film and produce your Video Business Card, About Us Video, and all the other videos


Creator of the project and your photographer

  • After you answer a series of simple questions (online questionnaire) pertaining both to you and to your business, she will get on the phone call with you to strategically plan for the shoot day and create a checklist.

  • She will make sure that you feel your best on the day

  • She will pose you, photograph you and create the most professional beautiful, and functional images of you 

Team_Aleks 2.png
Team_Citra 2.png


Our Makeup Artist (Add on service)

She will make sure that your makeup and hair are amazing and camera ready

She will also make sure that you feel pampered and beautiful

And now we are looking forward to meeting you and hearing Your Story!

Phone : +61 452 240 717

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