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$895 (inc GST)



  • 5 lifestyle digital images (OR 2 headshots/studio portraits) (cropped and ready for posting on your social media)

  • 30min Podcast episode (audio recording) featuring your business across all our social media and podcast platforms

  • Up to 2h

Optional Extras:

+ Add 10 images: $550

+ Hair and Makeup: from $180

+ VIDEOS: from $900

What You Will Receive:


- 5 lifestyle digital images (OR 2 headshots/studio portraits)


-  30 min Podcast Episode (AUDIO recording)

featuring your business on:

- our website and blog

- YouTube

- Instagram

- Facebook

- LinkedIn

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$2,175 (inc GST)

(in-studio / on location at Sydney CBD)


  • Personal Branding Power Bundle: in-depth Visual Library Planning session tailored for YOUR brand

  • 25 lifestyle digital images (OR 10 high-end studio portraits) of your choice (cropped and ready for posting on social media)

  • The Guide for using your photos online

  • 30min Podcast episode (VIDEO and AUDIO recording) featuring your business

  • Your Video Business Card about you, your services, and location (60-90sec)

  • Up to 4h


Optional Extras:

+ Add 10 images: $550

+ Hair and Makeup: from $180

+ VIDEOS: from $900

What You Will Receive:


-  Personal Branding Power Bundle

# 1 ​  Defines / Upgrades Your New Brand Style

# 2 ​  Creates a Plan to Show Your New Brand Style

# 3 ​  Delivers a Checklist For Your Personal Branding Shoot

This awesome resource ( 15-page PDF) gets you aligned and clear before your personal branding photo and video shoot.  It makes planning it easy and streamlined so you get photos and videos that you can actually use, that you feel proud of, and most of all ... photos and videos that attract your ideal clients.

This is how we’re going to get you these results:

you’ll answer a series of simple questions (online questionnaire) pertaining both to you and to your business.

After that, we will get on the phone to plan for the shoot day and create a checklist.


-  25 lifestyle digital images (OR 10 high-end studio portraits)


-  The Guide For Using Your Photos Online

You’ve got your photos and they look great! Now it's time to start using them.

But where do you start?

This is a quick start guide ( 15-page PDF) to help you put your photos into action.

This might sound like a daunting task, but we are going to break it down into quick and easy steps, so you can start right away!