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Sensual Portrait Photoshoot + 10 Digital Images Package


This Purchase Certificate can be used towards Sensual Portrait session (any age, any body shape) at Aleksandra Walker Photography Sydney Studio.


What you receive:

You will receive INSTANTLY Downloadable Purchase Certificate which includes


  • Pre-shoot consultation;
  • A fully guided 1-hour Sensual Photo Session at our studio;
  • 10 Digital Images (7x10", colour, frame and composition edited)


Sensual Portrait sessions must be booked within 1 month and shot within 1 year, of the Certificate purchase date, quoting the order number.


To book your Photoshoot contact Aleksandra Walker

0452 240 717


Not refundable. Expiration dates are non-negotiable. VALID ONLY for SHOOTS at OUR SYDNEY STUDIO.

Sensual Portrait Photoshoot + 10 Digital Images

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