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What Project's Participants Are Saying about My Body My Story|45Over45|Project - Lisa’s Testimonial

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

You know that you are doing the right thing when your clients are so happy with your work and the experience they received, that even without you asking for it, they offer to write a testimonial. And not just a phrase or two, but very touching little story, describing their experience. Lisa was one of them.

Polaroid Before and portrait after photo of a blond short hair woman of 58 years old, wearing short white dress, sitting on a posing chair with her legs on an apple box and smiling

"It's hard to put in words the experience I've had with the 45over45 Project, as it's been on lots of levels. But every bit has contributed to it being one of the best things I've done for 'me' in forever! The me I knew was buried inside 'there' somewhere, the little flutter or voice in my head that piped up every now and then... which I ignored... because, to be honest, it was too uncomfortable delving in that box, let alone taking the lid off!

Well.. Alex and the 45over45 Project has well and truly blown the lid of the box!? A few times after it popped up on my FB feed, I filled in the form and pressed send! And duly forgot about it until I heard from Alek's assistant, who talked me through what was involved, with no pressure at all to sign up. I decided to go for it and once I did, felt equal parts nervous and excited!

Having let the cat out of the box, hidden parts of me started awakening and emerging! I went through my wardrobe, thinking about what to wear and take, and had so much fun trying on clothes I'd bought and hardly (or not) worn at all. I found myself confronting a nearly 60 year old (young!) woman in the mirror... someone I hadn't taken a close look at for a long time... connecting with parts of myself that... as it turned out, were just waiting for a chance to be expressed and take centre stage?! I chatted with Aleks a few times in the lead up to the shoot and she answered all my questions, encouraging me to just be myself and bring clothes I'd bought and hadn't worn but that I loved, made me smile and which I felt good (if not confident!) in along.

The shoot was fantastic and such a great experience. Tania (the hair and make up artist), Aleks and George (videographer) were really warm and friendly and made me feel relaxed and comfortable straight away. Aleks took her time, never rushing me, and nothing I asked was too much trouble. The care, attention and professionalism were incredible and I before I knew it, I was transformed into 'model' Lisa! - donning different outfits, accessories and poses - guided by Alek's advice and eye for detail! The whole day was full of laughter, chatter and smiles as well as photographs! And when I left the studio, two different people stopped me - one to say I looked great and the other to say they loved my hair!

Taking part in the Project opened my mind to fun, play and possibilities! It's boosted my confidence and helped me affirm and appreciate the body and story that is me right now! It's also got me thinking about how to authentically express this person that is me, and what I'd like to create for the next part(s) of my story."


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