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BONUS EPISODE – What Women Over 45 Say | What Advice Would You Give Your 30 yo Self?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

In this BONUS EPISODE of My Body My Story Podcast, we are recapping on the answers 45Over45 chapter participants have given to “What Advice Would You Give Your 30 yo Self?”


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (auto-generated) :

What advice would you give your 30 year old self?


Don't overthink things. And I guess don't be afraid of making mistakes.


Every mistake, maybe I made every experience I had. I learned something from it. And that's what matters to me.


To leave envy behind.


And I wish that I'd been sort of more focused at that age and I wished I wish I'd taken care of myself a little bit better.


To be kind and patient with yourself. Try to understand how your body and how your mind works.


Don't panic. It'll all work out.


Just do everything. Don't hold back. And don't talk yourself out of doing things. And don't let other people talk you out of doing things that you want to do.


Probably not worry so much.


For me personally, I would say, live your life loud and big.


Don't get too badly burned. If you do get burned, pick it up. And you know, dust yourself off and go on.


Take the time to find yourself and don't get caught up and lost. In the day to day of everything


I would say to look within for love and acceptance. Don't expect it from others and from outward.


Just take it easy on myself. Don't think too much about little things. And just enjoy life. Make them just follow the flow.


Don't stress about the small stuff. Don't put up with crap from in relationships.


Don't stress too much. You know things. If you keep working hard as you are, you know, things will happen and you'll find your way eventually everything was set in place


where I should have done was to invest in a property just so that, you know, women are so resilient and strong. Like you can throw anything you're a woman mostly.


Yeah, but I have one advice to my 30 year old self and it's not to get disheartened with people and to always see the good in them.





This is the 45 over 45 chapter of MY BODY MY STORY podcast, where we celebrate rule breakers and role models - the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show their SENSUALITY, BEAUTY, SOUL, and TRUE ESSENCE.

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