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🎧 In this episode (LISTEN TO THE EPISODE), we discuss the role of the fashion industry in body image, what are the new trends on the subject, and how to use the fashion industry for inspiration to create harmonious results of styling.

Silvana Patrick is a personal stylist and brand expert, and now also an author of The Image of Success book. Silvana’s goal is not to create fashion, but to help everyday women to navigate in this sea of fashion and different styles. Silvana also helps professionals to develop a visual part of their personal branding for them to feel more self-confident and to radiate success.




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Hi, you are listening to My Body My Story podcast,

Always keep track on your body changes and accept them and, and just yeah, there's no way around it if you go against it you're just gonna suffer the consequences, just stay patient, things will eventually fall into place and try to, it's easier said than done. But yeah.. Just don't lose track of the changes physical and emotional, all of the changes and go through.

This is the 45 or 45 chapter where we celebrate rule breakers and role models, the women who inspire us to live life our way and to show that sensuality, beauty, soul and true essence. Here we talk about what it's like to be 45 Plus, adjusting to the changes that come with time, and will listen to the stories of our participants. If you have an interesting story to share, we would love you to participate, you can email us on or visit our website, www.

Hi, everyone, and welcome to our podcast. And today we are having our guest speaker. It's Silvana Patrick. She's a personal stylist and brand expert, and now also an author of The Magic of Success book (correct - Image Of Success – editor). And welcome again, Silvana. And tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, Alex. Very happy to be here today. I've always thought that fashion was my passion. Because I love fashion since I know myself as a person. But then I realised that actually women is my passion. I've only realised that when I started my consulting business 11 years ago,

So you already said about your passion. And so is that what you're most passionate about?

Yeah, I I love women. I know, I've always loved women, I had, you know, such great relationships, my life starting with my mom, my sister, and I have a daughter. And I've been through so much with, you know, friends and all my life and colleagues at work. So, yeah, that's a huge part of what my work is. And yes, it's my passion.

So what about being a stylist? I think it's also a good one. And you know how you become a stylist? Why? Passion for branding and styling women? How did it start it?

Well, like I said, fashion was always my passion since I was very young and couldn't think of anything else. So I thought my passion was fashion, I studied fashion, I have a fashion degree, there was the natural path. I had a career in fashion. But that is another story. After I quit the fashion industry, I entered the corporate world. And the reason why I'm telling all this is because it's all related to, to this to what women go through, you know, the older, the confidence, the lack of confidence, and all the nuances that helped me, you know, connect us as women and with our fears and, and all our emotions connected to that. So I when I started my consulting business, it didn't happen that quickly. I like I said, I quit fashion and enter the corporate world. Long story short, and the experience that I got in the corporate world, is what brought me the idea of styling because actually, it's not, I don't I don't like to create fashion. I, I want to help women look their best. And that's something that I didn't know before. It only occurred to me years and years after, and when I was trying to figure out what I wanted. And then I thought Oh Ha You know, those aha moments and say, Why don't I help women in you know, dress and feel good? Because that's actually what I've done all my life with friends and family. And and why not to make that as a career.

It's interesting. Now you said that “I don't want to create the fashion, I want to help”.. probably to navigate in this sea of fashion and different styles and I know that it's a skill, you know, to be able to see the trends and combine it for the woman who is real, who's not a model, who has her body, her skin type, or her style or her lifestyle. And it's hard. So like, even me, I was trying to work on my own on that. And I realised that it's hard without the help of the stylist to understand yourself fully, like colour schemes, you know, all the shapes, what's the trends, what's the classic and what's the fashion, and what is style, but I never thought of that, like you said, I don't want to create fashion, I want to tell women how to navigate. And so I know that we’re having you on the other podcasts, My Brand My Story. So if someone wants to hear your professional story of becoming a stylist in more details, we will give a link and so they can go and listen to this podcast as well.

And let's move now two more age, like 45 plus age equations, because we are on my body, my story podcast, and I would like to talk about your experience as a woman and ageing. And how is it for you? So we all know that with age, we change and we have negative and positive changes. So what positive changes have you experienced so far?

Well, for me is the fact that as the older I get, the more I get to know more of myself. So the wise factor is really important because I know what works better for me and paying attention to my body. I actually, I know that, you know, my body doesn't do the things that you used to do anymore. But on the positive side, it's a process of making peace with that. I think that's extremely important. In focusing on the positive side, I feel that I'm fitter and more energetic now than when I was younger. So yeah, it's when you get to know yourself better, you know, you're, you eat better. You do all the things that you have to do you just focus on the positive, there is no you cannot be comparing yourself when you start comparing yourself. There's no end to it. So it's just really been focusing on the positive for me.

Yeah, and just not doing what drain your energy. And

yes, exactly. You do more of the things that are good for you. And last of the things that didn't work so well.

Yeah. Great. And what is the biggest challenge you're experiencing?

Yeah, the Yeah, I think the fact that you know, our bodies change and yeah, some things are not the same anymore. And, and that's, that's a struggle for every woman right? When you're, you're getting more mature and but try not to focus too much on this. And yeah, just just have a healthy life, happy life. And focus on what you really love the things you love. And it's just not to not to pay too much attention on this just changes.

And of course you are stylist, you have an advantage because you know how to work with the clothing to make your body look with the changing body changing, adjusting your style and still keep your body look good.

Yeah, you touched a very important point for me stylings all about creating harmonious result and highlighting our assets and camouflaging little perceived flaws because we all have both. So yeah, and that comes with age as well with being more mature, you start you know, you may or may not obviously but you get to know more what works for you. That's an advantage for me.

So, on that. That question leads me to another question about body image. That we all have the perfect body image idea. And as you from the fashion industry probably know how it's important in that industry. But for the ordinary people, it's sometimes create problems this this idea. So where do you think this idea comes from? And what is it for you the ideal body.

So the idea of female body type or perfect body type, it changes from time to time, you used to be the curvy women back in the day. And then in the 80s, the whole, mostly women toned, completely torn. So today is the hourglass, right? You female body type is searched for the ideal female body type. But the fashion industry is even more strict than that. It comes it stems from, I guess, you wouldn't say where it comes from is like the egg and the chicken. Right? It comes from but I think it comes from an idealistic fashion industry reinforced by a society because they impose, right, it's such a strong propelling effort to to free people to look a certain way. And you'd like to say that's detrimental, especially for younger women who haven't mature yet to get to know that you know, themselves. So it has to change at some point. And there are some changes, very, very shy changes seen, you start to see some curvy women on the catwalk, but it's just, you know, the exception I really looking forward to the day that it's going to be more encompassing.

Okay, I was going to ask you, what do you think about this new trend? Like, because it's very controversial, and someone loves it, someone hates it, like we see this curvy and size plus women advertising the brand, attract this kind of women to advertise even lingerie and some say, Oh, I don't want to see these bumps and lumps, you know? Because I think just people don't get used to imperfection, you know, in the advertising industry. But what do you think of that? That's, is it a good trend? Or there should be some limitation? Or like, Let's go natural way? What's your idea?

I think for me, it should be more if you've treated the way it's being treated. Now. It's just an exception, you create controversy, like you said, I think it needs to be more normal people have to see that, you know, what you see on the street is the reality and not what you see on TV or on the catwalk. So the more we see the more we accept as normal. It has to be a huge and massive movement for that. And not just sporadic here and there. Some designers just trying to be you know, the the good work, the good guys just producing something that should be normal.

Yeah. And I think my idea, just correct me if you're wrong. I think that this perfect body image came from fashion industry is to create demand, you know, there's certain demand of the illusion of like, buy that and you will look like this, you know, in the beginning, yes,

exactly what happens, I see like, with my clients, they, you know, they just people look for external clues, right, they, you know, like, nobody was born a stylist, it's learnable. But not many people have that inclination or, you know, will to do. So the easy path is just to look at, you know, used to be the Hollywood movie star, and then the celebrities, and now the influencers. So they look for external clues. They love what they were, but they forget that they're different. They're completely different people with different specifics. They just want a copy. Yeah. And that will never work unless you have exactly the same specifics at that person. So my work is really to bring the tension within. So you know, yourself and you know, only when you know yourself, will you look your best and feel great. And not bad copying anybody like Stella McCartney said, you know, the copy will never be as good as the original. Yeah, I use that quote all the time. And that's true.

So it's just good to have it as an idea, you know, like inspiration. Yeah, for sure.

For sure. Yeah, I get inspired by women all the time. Right. There are phenomenal women out there but I have always in mind. What works for me, like I bought my wedding dress online because I know my body that wow, that was risky. That was risky, I didn't have the time. I never have the time to shop for myself. But that, that goes to show that when you know yourself, you don't look at the picture in the online shop, because everything's mean to look beautiful. So I immediately see myself wearing that piece, or I look at the description of the garment, you know, when I see, okay, that's not going to fit well for me, because I know my body. And always keeping track on my body changes because our bodies is not a product is, you know, it's a constant change. It's it's a, it's a process. So, yeah.

Okay, I love this conversation. So would you describe your greatest accomplishment? Like, what would it be?

I have to say, on a personal professional level, I had quite a few. But I think my book was the main accomplished, man for me. And yeah, it was finally born.

So I'll give you a link. I'll put the link in the episode description. And so I just remind again, that it's called the Magic of Success (correct – Image Of Success – editor)


I'm sorry. The I. Okay, sorry, I didn't say it right in the beginning. Okay. So The Image Of Success, and you're on the cover, because I'm looking at the cover where you're standing. So you are the I..Oh, that's nice. Okay, so where they can find this book on?

Yeah, it's available worldwide. through Amazon

Yeah. Okay, perfect. So I'll give the link in the description. So everyone who wants to check the book, please do so. And also, I'll give the link to your account. So if someone wants to find you, they can do so as well. And just quickly, in few words, what is this book about?

Yeah, it's about you know, my, it's obviously a styling book. And I give lots of tips and in all the elements of style as I cover there, but it's mainly to show people how image can propel you forward to your goals. It's a personal branding book. So it's for the woman who are, you know, ambitious, have a goal, career professional, or personal combination of both? And how they can use their image to leverage that that goal?

Oh, that's very interesting. Wow. Okay, so I'd like to ask you what does it mean to you? To feel good, and look good? What comes first?

Yeah. Again, it's like the egg in the in the end that she can kind of question for me, it doesn't matter which come first, wherever you are, you can make it happen. For example, if you're feeling if you're feeling good, and that can change, right? Let's, let's take the opposite, you're not feeling so good. You can use your image, you know, a beautiful outfit to start make feeling good. If you wear the right outfit for you, the right colouring the right you know, style, the right cuts, you you will feel good, you look in the mirror and you feel harmonious, and that makes you feel good. And that propels a positive cycle. When you feel good, you feel like interacting with people people, on the other hand feel like interacting with you because people are attracted to looking good people or not. Not necessarily good looking. But looking good. It's it's in us. So one thing leads to the other. If you on the other hand are feeling good. You know, you immediately are in the positive cycle. So one thing leads to the other. So regardless where you are, you can make the positive cycle. It's important to understand that the opposite can happen as well very quickly. If you're not feeling good use you don't you don't if you're not feeling so. Use feeling self aware of what you're wearing, for example. You don't want interact with people, you want to be in your little corner and you don't feel like exercising and you you know when you end up, you may end up in a negative cycle. So that's really important to make the decision wherever you are.

Yeah. And what makes you feel the most beautiful ?

I'm gonna be very, I'm just going to focus on the static power of vit first. As being in Brazilian and living in Australia. I love feeling like tanned. Obviously, you're talking about fake tan. Because as a 1980s girl, I was a sun worshipper and that, that's no longer you take care of it. Yeah. So, but I love the feeling of you know, feeling tanned. And you even you even feel that you were like slim or even feeling 10 I love wearing a bright lipstick. It's just, you know, gives me an instant mood boost. But also, when I put a good workout in or do a yoga session, you know, that glow that comes from within? Is that inner peace that feel beautiful? When I'm feeling in that state?

Yeah, always, like wear red lipstick and feel good.

Yeah, it is. It's instantly Yeah.

So if you could go back in time and meet your 30 year old self, what advice would you give her?

Well, the 30s is a funny age for many women, for me was a very, very intermediate state. I wasn't, I wasn't married, I was in between relationships. I was not clear. Or were when I was in my previous industry, it was not my passion. So I would tell her to have clarity of where she wanted to achieve and, and plan and not focus on the obstacles, but just just, you know, be just have a clarity on the final goal results in where I would like to be.

Yeah, it's hard to have sometimes it's your 30 so and what advice would you give younger women who will eventually reach this age, our age and undergo this age changes?

Yeah, we go through so many changes, you know, me menstruation, and then no pregnancy and then menopause all that plays a huge toll on our bodies, and they change and what I notice is that people, women, they often lose track of the changes in their bodies, because the mind doesn't process the changes as quick as the body. So I have you know, seen women just don't know how to dress themselves because of that, you know, they just don't know anymore what works for them because they took so long, you know, looking after family or you know, with their career and they forget about themselves. I was just just always keep track on your on your body changes and accept them and and just, yeah, there's no way around it. If you go against it, you're just gonna suffer the consequences is just stay patient things will eventually fall into place and try to it's not easy said easier said than done. But yeah, just don't lose track of the changes, physical and emotional, and all of the changes and go through.

And my last question as if you have any, do you have a favourite quote about being a woman or saying thought?

Yeah, I have. I have many, but I think the one that resonates the most with me is real. Queens, fix each other's crowns. I think that's just says it all, you know, like women should be working alongside each other helping each other and not seeing the other as an competitor or opening whatever you you call it.

That just a woman's support.

Yeah. Yeah. For me. That's my, my biggest.

Very good. Thank you. Silvana, thank you for joining our project and being our guest speaker. And I'll leave all the links in the description of the episode if someone wants to contact you or read your book. And I wish you luck with your business and keep creating beautiful work and helping women be beautiful.

Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to speak with you and speak to all of you. Thanks so much.

If you have an interesting story to share would love for you to participate. You can email us at or visit our website, www.


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