Headshots & Personal Branding

Personal Branding is the Story people tell about you when you are not in the room – Aaron Orendorff




Headshot is a visual handshake.

It is your head and shoulders business photo that shows you looking your best, but doesn’t show or reveal anything specific about you.


It allows people to connect with you quickly and put a face to the name. So a headshot isn’t the place for story-telling and lots of detail. It’s a fast introduction.


Personal Branding is a conversation.

Personal branding photography and video show your personality and combines your brand message with telling a story about who you are and what you do.

Creating the right personal brand could be the difference between “Who are you?” and “Thank you for being here – FORBES

Whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, full-time employee or an industry specialist, how you portray yourself is an essential part of your success.



It is important you answer those questions:


- Who are you?

- What do you want to be known for?

- How do you want to be seen?

- What energy do you want to portray?

- What is your brand? Is it fun and colourful? Is it stylish and classic?

- Whom do you want to connect with?

- How do you want to be photographed or filmed? What style of lighting - how dramatic, how light, how colourful, how breathy?

- What are you going to use the photos and videos for? LinkedIn and business profile, website and social media, personal blog, magazine articles and newspaper publications, corporate brochures and catalogues, etc.?


We have a simple framework to help you answering these questions, and to create a personalised list of specific images that represent you, your business, your style and your story. 

Sydney Personal Branding by Storytrend p

It will not be another set of photos and videos you spent time and money on and you’ll never use.


Our aim is to help you to create your media library, a valuable asset you are investing in, which will bring you more like-minded customers and financial growth.


Choose from 5 different visual styles we offer, which represent you the best: Legacy, Classic, Folio, Lifestyle and Story. 

Choose Your STYLE

Sydney Personal Branding by Storytrend p
suitable for: 
Personal Branding
Sydney Personal Branding by Storytrend p
suitable for:
Headshots and Personal Branding
Sydney Personal Branding by Storytrend p
suitable for:
Headshots and Personal Branding
Sydney Personal Branding by Storytrend p
suitable for:
Personal Branding and Monthly Content
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After your initial complementary consultation and booking your Personal Branding session, your experience starts with a "Get-To-Know-You" session (on the phone, Skype or in-person).


In order for us to provide you with images and/or video you are going to love and use for your personal brand development, we’ll go through a series of easy questions and exercises to clarify and streamline your personal branding look, style and visual message for your shoot.


The list of questions will be emailed to you prior to the "Get-To-Know-You" session, so you can think over them. Don’t worry If you don’t know how to answer some of them, we will do it together during the session. Answering the questions will help you to organise your thoughts and not miss any important details you want to be captured during your shoot.


We also highly recommend that prior the consultation, you check 5 different visual styles we offer (Legacy, Classic, Folio, Lifestyle, Story), and choose which one (or several) you think represents you and your brand the best.


During the "Get-To-Know-You" session, we will also discuss wardrobe, logistics, preparation and any other details you may wish to include for your shoot.


On the day of the shoot, you will arrive at our studio, we greet you, finalize choices from the wardrobe you bring and the concept for the shoot. After that, if you choose to work with our expert hair and makeup stylists, we will get you camera ready and feeling amazing.

It is our job is to find your best angles and guide you through a series of poses and expressions until we capture your personality and the message you want to project through your images and video. Unless you are a repeat client, this isn't like any session you've ever done before.

Your personal branding session shoot, combined with professional hair and make-up, usually lasts 3-4 hours or longer if you choose a video option as well. It is a half day commitment for sure and it’s best not to schedule something immediately after as we don’t want to be rushed! Unless it is a fabulous night out, as you will be looking and feeling gorgeous!!! You don’t do this every day, so let’s do it right!!


Within 10-14 days after your personal branding session , you will be invited back to the studio for a viewing of your shoot and selection/purchase session.


Here, you will review approx. 20-30 ‘best of the best’ retouched images to make your final selection and purchase.


Any important decision makers are welcome to join you on this session as well.


We do not hard sell. You have the option to purchase images individually or in packages. The more images you add to your order, the more you save! What you purchase is entirely your choice. Images will be ready for you to take home that day*.

*Due to the nature of the product, please know - once you receive digital images that you purchase, there is a no exchange and no refund policy!

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